Will Subaru and Emilia End Up Together? A Deep Dive into the Romance of Re: Zero

Re: Zero is an incredibly popular anime that blends elements of romance, action, and drama into an unforgettable story that has captured the hearts of many fans. At the center of this iconic series is the relationship between Subaru and Emilia, two characters with a chemistry that has sparked conversations about whether or not they will end up together.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at their relationship and explore the hints and clues that suggest they may become a couple, as well as the obstacles that may keep them apart.

Subaru and Emilia’s Relationship Throughout the Series

Subaru is a young man who finds himself transported to another world, where he meets Emilia, a half-elf. From their first encounter, Subaru and Emilia’s relationship has been one of its most intriguing aspects. They have a shared vulnerability and tenderness that draws them together. Despite coming from different worlds, Subaru and Emilia connect on an emotional level. There’s a sense of mutual understanding and affection between them that is hard to miss.

Throughout the series, their relationship has been a major plot point, and the way they interact onscreen reveals their feelings for each other. From Subaru’s willingness to do anything to protect Emilia to the subtle hints of romance, their interactions are always captivating and leave audiences wondering if they will become a couple.

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The Hints and Clues that Suggest Subaru and Emilia May Become a Couple

Re: Zero is a series that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to character development. The show has been filled with subtle hints that suggest that there is a romantic connection between Subaru and Emilia.

From the way Emilia looks at Subaru to the gentle touches they share, these little details have been enough to fuel the conversations about the possibility of them becoming a couple. Perhaps the most noteworthy of these hints is the fact that Emilia is Subaru’s crush, which is explicitly stated in the show.

Despite this, the series has yet to confirm that they will end up together. However, the hints and intimate moments between them leave audiences with a glimmer of hope that they’ll eventually become a couple.

The Obstacles That May Prevent Subaru and Emilia From Being Together

As with any good love story, there are always obstacles that prevent the couple from being together. In Re: Zero, these challenges come in many forms, and they have been an essential aspect of the story’s development.

One of the main impediments that face Subaru and Emilia’s relationship is their different social status. Subaru is a commoner from another world, while Emilia is a half-elf princess, and this inequality is a source of tension between them. There have been instances throughout the series where their conflicting backgrounds have led to misunderstandings and arguments, creating a challenge for their possible romantic relationship.

Another barrier that has been put in their path is Rem, who is another love interest in the show. Rem and Subaru share many intimate moments throughout the story, which has led fans to debate about whether Subaru will eventually end up with her instead of Emilia, leading some to speculate that their relationship may not see the light of day.

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What are some of the hints in the show that suggest that Subaru and Emilia may become a couple?

Hints include the way Emilia looks at Subaru, the gentle touches they share, and the fact that Emilia is Subaru’s crush.

What are some of the obstacles to Subaru and Emilia’s relationship?

One of the significant barriers is their different social status, as Subaru is a commoner from another world, while Emilia is a half-elf princess. This inequality has created a source of tension between them. Additionally, Rem, who is another love interest, poses another challenge to their potential romantic relationship.


Subaru and Emilia’s relationship in Re: Zero has captured the hearts of many fans and sparked debates about whether they will become a couple. While the show hasn’t confirmed it, the hints and clues suggest that there is a possibility that it may happen. However, as with any love story, there are obstacles that must be overcome before they can be together.

Whether Subaru and Emilia end up together or not, one thing is certain: their relationship is one of the most significant aspects of this unforgettable anime.

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