Why Using Genuine Subaru Coolant is Vital for Your Vehicle’s Longevity

As a Subaru owner, you want your vehicle to perform at its best. One of the most important aspects of maintaining your Subaru’s performance is ensuring that the engine stays at the right temperature. The coolant system is responsible for regulating the engine temperature by drawing heat away from the engine and dissipating it. But did you know that the type of coolant you use in your Subaru can make a big difference in how efficiently it runs and how long it lasts?

The Benefits of Using Genuine Subaru Coolant

Using genuine Subaru coolant is essential to keeping your engine running at its best. Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy by using the genuine article:

Better Engine Temperature Control

Subaru coolant is formulated specifically for Subaru engines, which means it is designed to work with the engine’s unique cooling system. Using non-genuine coolant can compromise the engine temperature control, causing it to overheat or run too cool, leading to potential engine damage. Genuine Subaru coolant helps keep the engine temperature within the ideal range and prevents damage from overheating.

Engine Efficiency

Subaru coolant contains additives that help keep the engine parts clean and lubricated. This helps improve engine efficiency and performance, while also protecting the engine against rust and corrosion. Over time, non-genuine coolant can leave deposits and sludge in the engine, which can hamper the engine’s performance.

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Longevity of Vehicle

Using genuine Subaru coolant can help prolong the life of your vehicle. The coolant’s unique formula helps minimize wear and tear on the engine by keeping it running smoothly and efficiently. This means fewer repairs and maintenance issues down the road, which can save you time and money in the long run.

Manufacturer Warranty

Using non-genuine coolant can also void your Subaru’s manufacturer warranty. For the best performance and to maintain your vehicle’s warranty, it’s important to use only genuine Subaru coolant.

Common Misconceptions About Non-Genuine Coolant

There are many misconceptions about non-genuine coolant, which can lead Subaru owners to believe it’s a suitable alternative to genuine coolant. Here are some reasons why this is not the case:


Not all coolants are compatible with all types of engines. Mixing incompatible coolants can cause chemical incompatibilities, leading to engine damage or failure.


Non-genuine coolant may not meet the same quality standards as genuine Subaru coolant. This can result in inadequate engine protection, poor performance, and potential damage to the engine components.


Using non-genuine coolant can potentially void your manufacturer warranty, so it’s important to use only genuine Subaru coolant as mandated by the manufacturer.

How To Maintain Your Subaru Coolant

To keep your Subaru running at its best, it’s important to maintain your coolant system. Here are some tips for maintaining your coolant:

  1. Check your coolant level regularly. If it’s low, top it up with genuine Subaru coolant.
  2. Inspect your radiator, hoses, and water pump for leaks or damage.
  3. Have your coolant flushed and replaced at the recommended intervals.
  4. Use only genuine Subaru coolant to ensure compatibility and performance.
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Q: Can I use non-genuine coolant in my Subaru?

A: While it’s possible to use non-genuine coolant in your Subaru, doing so can potentially compromise your engine’s performance and longevity, and void your manufacturer warranty. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you only use genuine Subaru coolant in your vehicle.

Q: Is genuine Subaru coolant more expensive than non-genuine coolant?

A: While genuine Subaru coolant may be more expensive than non-genuine coolant at the outset, the potential damage resulting from using non-genuine coolant can be much more costly in the long run. It’s always best to use genuine Subaru coolant to help prolong your vehicle’s longevity.

Q: How often should I replace my Subaru coolant?

A: Subaru recommends inspecting and replacing the coolant at least every 30,000 miles or 30 months, whichever comes first. Check your owner’s manual for your vehicle’s specific recommendations.


Using genuine Subaru coolant is vital in keeping your Subaru’s engine running efficiently and prolonging its life. Genuine Subaru coolant is formulated specifically for Subaru engines, ensuring compatibility, performance, and protection. It’s always best to use genuine Subaru coolant to maintain the longevity of your vehicle and to protect your manufacturer warranty. By following the recommended maintenance schedule for your coolant system, you can help prevent costly engine damage and ensure that your Subaru runs at its best.

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