When Subaru Starlink Stole The Show: A Comprehensive History

Subaru, famous for engineering performance and safety, has been consistently innovating and advancing its technology. In recent years, Subaru has introduced Starlink, a connectivity technology that integrates smartphones and voice-activated controls into Subaru vehicles. This technology has transformed the way Subaru enthusiasts experience their rides.

The History of Subaru Starlink

Subaru introduced Starlink in 2013 with the launch of its 2014 Forester model. The technology was initially built to provide users with access to information and entertainment services while driving. However, as it has evolved, Subaru Starlink has become a vital tool that has contributed significantly to the safety and convenience of the drive.

Over the years, Subaru has been constantly modifying and upgrading its Starlink technology to provide enhanced features and benefits, including on-demand roadside assistance, stolen vehicle recovery, remote start, and much more.

How Subaru Starlink Works

Subaru Starlink is a connected safety, security and multimedia technology that works through a touch-screen display in the vehicle’s dashboard. The technology connects the vehicle with a multitude of services to improve the safety, entertainment, and convenience aspects of driving.

Moreover, Subaru Starlink relies on smartphone integration to provide some of its features. This way, Subaru Starlink will allow drivers to use apps through the touch screen of the vehicle’s infotainment system.

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Along with app integration, Starlink also includes voice-activated controls for hands-free and safer operation. Drivers can respond to texts, make and receive calls, adjust volume, and change the media source through voice commands.

Features and Benefits of Subaru Starlink

Subaru Starlink offers many features and benefits that can significantly improve the driving experience, such as:

Safety Features

Subaru Starlink is best known for its incredible safety features. One of such features is Automatic Collision Notification, which immediately contacts first responders in the event of an accident and sends vehicle location.

Moreover, Subaru Starlink’s roadside assistance is always ready to assist drivers in trouble by sending towing vehicles to specific locations.

Entertainment Features

Subaru Starlink is designed to make the driving experience even more entertaining. For instance, the "iHeart Radio" app integrates with the system, allowing drivers to listen to their favorite radio stations. Moreover, the technology provides access to podcasts, satellite radio, and much more.

Convenience Features

Subaru Starlink provides several convenient features that simplify the use of the car. One of such features is Remote Services, which allows drivers to remotely start, turn off, lock, and unlock their vehicles using a smartphone app. This feature is particularly helpful during winter when drivers can turn their cars on and warm them up before leaving the warmth of their homes.


1. In which models of Subaru is Starlink available?

Subaru Starlink is available in almost all Subaru models released after 2014.

2. Can I use Starlink features without the touchscreen display?

Many Starlink features are accessible through voice activation, but others require the touch-screen display.

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3. Is Subaru Starlink a paid subscription service?

Subaru Starlink basic services are free for three years for new cars. Subaru also offers different subscription packages with more extended services.


Subaru has come a long way since the launch of its first Forester model in 2014. Through Starlink, Subaru has created a remarkable and innovative technology designed to offer a better driving experience. Its integration of multimedia and safety features has made it a must-have for Subaru enthusiasts. This has helped Subaru to become a prominent automobile brand in the industry, and it has certainly raised the bar for future connectivity innovations.

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