What If Subaru Never Met Emilia? A Hypothetical Twist on Re:Zero

The Japanese light novel series "Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World" has become a fan favorite among anime/manga enthusiasts. The story revolves around a young man named Subaru, who is transported to a fantasy world and has the ability to return from death. This unique plot has kept fans engaged in the storyline, wondering what would happen if Subaru made different choices.

One significant event in the story is Subaru’s meeting with Emilia, a silver-haired half-elf who becomes his love interest. However, what if Subaru never met Emilia? How would it affect the plot’s direction, character development, and the story’s ending? Let’s explore this hypothetical scenario.

The Impact on Subaru’s Character Development

Emilia played a crucial role in Subaru’s character development throughout the story. She became the catalyst for his growth as a person, leading him to make better choices and face challenging situations. Without her, Subaru would have a different character arc, one that may not be as fulfilling.

Subaru’s initial motivation in the story was to protect Emilia and reunite with her. However, without her, he may not have a clear goal and would likely go down a different path. Additionally, Emilia’s influence on Subaru led him to form other relationships and uncover hidden truths about the fantasy world. Without her, he may not have formed those relationships or uncovered those truths.

How It Affects Supporting Characters like Rem

Another significant impact of Emilia’s absence would be on supporting characters like Rem. Rem, the blue-haired demon maid, became an integral part of the story and Subaru’s support system. In many instances, she helped Subaru overcome challenges and provided comfort in times of need.

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However, without Emilia, Rem’s role would change significantly. She would still be a support system for Subaru, but her bond with him may not be as strong. Additionally, Rem would not have the competition for Subaru’s affection, changing the dynamic of their relationship.

How It Changes the Plot Direction

The plot direction of "Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World" would change significantly if Subaru never met Emilia. The story’s focus would be on different events, and the protagonist’s motivation would be different. Subaru’s desire to be with Emilia and protect her was what drove many of his decisions throughout the story.

Without Emilia, Subaru’s motivation would be different, and the story would likely go in a different direction. It’s possible that Subaru could still become involved with the Royal Selection, but his motivations would not be the same. He may not even encounter the same people or face the same challenges that he did in the original story.

How It Would Impact the Story’s Ending

Finally, the absence of Emilia would impact the story’s ending significantly. Emilia’s role in the story’s ending was significant, and without her, the events leading up to the ending would change. Additionally, Subaru’s character development and relationships with supporting characters would be different, leading to a vastly different ending.


Q: Would the story be as exciting without Emilia?
A: It’s possible that the story could still be exciting without Emilia, but it would be a different story altogether.

Q: How would Rem’s role change without Emilia?
A: Rem would still be a support system for Subaru, but her bond with him may not be as strong. Additionally, Rem would not have competition for Subaru’s affection, changing the dynamics of their relationship.

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Q: Would Subaru still have his powers without Emilia’s involvement?
A: It’s unclear if Subaru would still have his powers without Emilia’s involvement. His powers were related to the events surrounding Emilia, so they may not exist without her.

In conclusion, the hypothetical scenario of Subaru never meeting Emilia would have significant impacts on the story’s direction, character development, and the story’s ending. While it’s fascinating to consider different paths for the characters, fans of "Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World" can appreciate the story as it is.

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