Unveiling the Mystery of Subaru VIP Pricing: How to Get the Best Deals on Your Dream Car

As a car buyer, finding a good deal is often a top priority. If you’re in the market for a Subaru, you might be interested to learn more about the Subaru VIP discount program. This program can help you save money on your purchase, and it’s available to eligible buyers. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into what the program is, how it works, and how you can take advantage of it.

What is the Subaru VIP discount program?

The Subaru VIP discount program is a special offer given by Subaru to eligible buyers. It provides a discount on the purchase or lease of a new Subaru vehicle. The program is specifically designed for customers who have a relationship with Subaru, such as employees of Subaru or its affiliated companies, as well as their family members.

How does the program work?

The Subaru VIP discount program provides a set price for the purchase or lease of a new Subaru vehicle. This set price is below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), which means buyers can save money on their purchase. The program also includes some additional benefits, such as a no-haggle buying experience and a dedicated VIP customer-service hotline.

What kind of discounts and benefits are available?

The exact amount of the discount will vary based on the model and trim level you choose. However, the discount is typically significant and can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars off the MSRP. Additionally, the program may also offer incentives such as low-interest financing, special promotional offers, or bonus cash rebates.

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The program also includes other benefits such as a no-haggle price, meaning buyers can trust that the price they are given is the same as all other customers who qualify for the program. This takes away the stress of negotiating and ensures a fair deal for everyone. Additionally, buyers will have access to a dedicated VIP customer-service hotline, which provides assistance with their purchase or lease.

Who is eligible for the Subaru VIP discount program?

The Subaru VIP discount program is available to several groups of people including:

  • Subaru employees
  • Employees of Subaru-affiliated companies
  • Spouse/domestic partner of a Subaru employee or affiliated company employee
  • Parents, siblings, step-parents, step-siblings, and children of Subaru employees or affiliated company employees.

If you’re unsure if you qualify, it’s worth inquiring about your eligibility with the authorized Subaru dealership.

How do you apply for the program?

To apply for the program, you need to obtain a VIP Program authorization number. This can be done through an authorized Subaru dealership. To qualify for the program, you will need to provide evidence of your eligibility. This could be in the form of a recent pay stub, a letter from the HR department of your company, or your employee ID.

Terms and Conditions of the Program

It’s important to read and understand the terms and conditions of the program before making the purchase or lease. Some important points to keep in mind are:

  • The discount is non-negotiable and non-transferrable.
  • The program is not available in combination with other offers or discounts.
  • The vehicle must be registered in the name of the Buyer.
  • The program cannot be applied to a previous Subaru purchase or lease.
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The Subaru VIP discount program can provide eligible buyers with significant savings on their purchase or lease of a Subaru vehicle. Whether you’re a Subaru employee, a family member of one, or affiliated with one of Subaru’s partners, the program is worth considering when looking for your next car. If you’re eligible, be sure to speak with an authorized Subaru dealer to learn more and obtain your VIP Program authorization number.


Q: Can I combine the VIP discount with other Subaru offers?
A: No, the VIP discount cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.

Q: Is the VIP discount program available in all states?
A: The program is available in all states and through authorized Subaru dealerships.

Q: Can I use the program on a used Subaru vehicle?
A: No, the program is only available for the purchase or lease of a new Subaru vehicle.

Q: How long is the authorization number valid for?
A: The authorization number is valid for 45 days from the issue date.

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