Unraveling the Truth: Does Subaru Use Soy-Based Wiring That Leads to Dead Batteries?

Are you a Subaru car owner or enthusiast who has heard about soy-based wiring in cars? You may be wondering whether Subaru’s innovative use of soy-based wiring is causing dead batteries in their cars. In this article, we will break down everything you need to know about soy-based wiring and dead batteries in Subaru cars.

What is Soy-Based Wiring?

Soy-based wiring is an alternative to traditional plastic wiring that is commonly used in cars. It is made by replacing some of the plastic in the wiring with soybean oil. Some car manufacturers, including Subaru, have started to use soy-based wiring in their vehicles to reduce their carbon footprint and become more eco-friendly.

How Does Soy-Based Wiring Compare to Traditional Wiring?

Soy-based wiring has several advantages over traditional plastic wiring. Firstly, it is more eco-friendly since it is made from renewable resources, unlike plastic wiring, which is made from petroleum. Additionally, soy-based wiring is biodegradable and can be recycled.

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What are the Benefits of Using Soy-Based Wiring?

Apart from being eco-friendly, soy-based wiring also has other benefits. For instance, it is more resistant to abrasions, which makes it more durable than traditional wiring. Moreover, soy-based wiring is less prone to melting under high temperatures and produces fewer toxins when burned.

Is there any Downside to Using Soy-Based Wiring?

While soy-based wiring has many advantages, it also has a few downsides. Since soybeans contain oils, they can attract rodents, which can chew on the wiring and cause damage. Moreover, since soy-based wiring is a relatively new technology, some mechanics may not be familiar with it, which can lead to difficulties in repairing it.

How Does Soy-Based Wiring Affect Car Batteries?

One of the most common myths about soy-based wiring is that it causes dead batteries. However, this is not true. Soy-based wiring has no direct impact on car batteries. The only way soy-based wiring can affect a car’s battery is if there is an issue with the wiring that causes a short circuit. In such cases, the battery may discharge faster than usual.

Do Subaru Cars Use Soy-Based Wiring?

Yes, Subaru is one of the car manufacturers that use soy-based wiring in their vehicles. They started using soy-based wiring in their cars in the late 2010s to become more eco-friendly.

Does Subaru Have a Problem With Dead Batteries?

No, Subaru does not have a problem with dead batteries. Most car battery issues in Subaru cars are caused by normal wear and tear or failure to maintain the battery correctly. Like any other car make, Subaru cars may also experience battery drain issues if the car is not driven regularly.

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How to Prevent Battery Drain in Subaru Cars?

To prevent battery drain issues in Subaru cars, ensure that the battery terminals are clean and tightly connected. Additionally, avoid leaving the car’s accessories running when the car’s engine is switched off. If you are not going to use your car for an extended period, disconnect the battery or invest in a battery tender to keep it charged.


Can I switch from traditional wiring to soy-based wiring in my Subaru car?

No, it is not practical to switch from traditional wiring to soy-based wiring in your car once it has been manufactured. Soy-based wiring is only installed in new cars that are manufactured with this technology.

Can soy-based wiring be repaired if it gets damaged?

Yes, soy-based wiring can be replaced if it gets damaged. However, it is essential to find a mechanic who is familiar with this technology to repair it correctly.

How long does soy-based wiring last compared to traditional wiring?

Soy-based wiring is relatively new technology, and thus, its lifespan is still not well-known. However, it is designed to last as long as traditional wiring.


Soy-based wiring is an eco-friendly and innovative technology that can offer several advantages over traditional plastic wiring. Ironically, this relatively new technology that is designed to protect the environment has been associated with dead batteries in Subaru cars falsely. Car owners should remember that dead batteries are not caused by soy-based wiring; instead, they are caused by other factors such as normal wear and tear, poorly maintained batteries, or battery drain. With proper care and maintenance, Subaru cars with soy-based wiring will provide their owners with the same reliability that other cars offer.

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