Unlocking the Power of Subaru SI-Drive: The Ultimate Guide to Default and Custom Modes

Are you looking for an all-around driving experience with optimal vehicle control? Look no further than Subaru Intelligent Drive, or SI-Drive. Whether you own a Subaru or are planning to purchase one, it’s important to understand the capabilities and features of this advanced system. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the SI-Drive system, its default mode, and the different custom modes available for you to tweak and optimize your driving experience.

Introduction to Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-Drive) System

The Subaru Intelligent Drive system is a technology designed to enhance the driving experience, giving drivers greater control over their vehicle. It is a next-generation system that adjusts crucial parts of the vehicle, including the engine, throttle response, and transmission. The SI-Drive system complements Subaru’s signature Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and provides drivers with the ability to customize the vehicle’s behavior to performance and handling preferences.

Default Mode for Subaru Intelligent Drive

The default mode for Subaru Intelligent Drive is Intelligent (I) mode. It is the standard mode for most situations and provides optimal performance for regular driving conditions. In I mode, the computer controls the engine, transmission, and throttle response to provide the best possible performance for fuel economy and emissions reduction.

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Different Modes Available in Subaru Intelligent Drive

Apart from the default I mode, SI-Drive also has Sport (S) and Sport Sharp (S#) modes for a sportier, more dynamic driving experience. These modes offer different settings that adjust the engine, throttle response, and transmission for more power output. Here’s what you need to know about these modes:

Sport (S) Mode

Sport mode prioritizes dynamic driving experiences. It’s more responsive than I mode and provides power to the engine for faster acceleration and sharper turns. The throttle response is crisp, and the transmission holds gears longer, allowing drivers to experience faster acceleration in each gear. The end result is a more fun and engaging experience that brings out the excitement of a Subaru.

Sport Sharp (S#) Mode

Sport Sharp mode, also known as "S-Sharp" mode, provides the highest level of performance and responsiveness. It’s designed for the most agile and customizable driving experience for those who want to push their Subaru to the limit. In S# mode, the throttle response is very sharp, and the car reacts instantly to every input, providing an adrenaline-filled driving experience. S# mode is perfect for drivers who need the maximum level of performance and handling in their driving experience.

How to Switch Between the Different SI-Drive Modes

To switch between different SI-Drive modes, look for the SI-Drive button on the center console. It’s usually located near the gear shifter. Press the button to toggle between different modes. The current mode is indicated on the dashboard of the vehicle.

Benefits of Using Different SI-Drive Modes

The different SI-Drive modes provide a range of benefits that cater to different driving preferences. The I mode prioritizes comfort, fuel economy, and stable handling. The Sport mode offers a more dynamic, sporty driving experience, with quicker responsiveness to throttle and steering inputs. Finally, the S# mode unlocks the highest performance potential of the vehicle, giving the driver full control over the car.

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Real-life Driving Experiences with Subaru Intelligent Drive

Drivers who have experienced the SI-Drive Modes in their Subaru vehicles have reported significant improvements in their driving experience. In I mode, the vehicle handles with stability and steadiness that provides top-quality comfort and fuel savings for long drives. Sport mode gives drivers a more entertaining and dynamic experience with quicker throttle response. Finally, S# mode provides high-level control and sharp response, which leaves drivers exhilarated.


1. Do I have to switch between modes manually?

Yes, you have to switch between different modes manually. However, the SI-Drive system automatically returns to default (Intelligent (I) mode) every time you start the engine.

2. Will using different SI-Drive Modes affect the fuel efficiency?

Yes, it will have an impact on fuel efficiency. While Sport (S) and Sport Sharp (S#) modes prioritize performance and handling, they do consume more fuel than Intelligent (I) mode.


Subaru’s Intelligent Drive system is a revolutionary technology that enhances the driving experience and gives drivers more control over their vehicles. Whether you prefer comfort, sporty driving, or maximum performance, the SI-Drive system has a mode suited for you. By switching between modes, it’s possible to tweak the car’s characteristics to adapt to any driving scenario. Thus, Subaru SI-Drive is an excellent way to get the most out of your vehicle’s performance and handling!

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