Unlock the Towing Potential of Your Subaru: Essential Tips and Tricks for Safe and Successful Towing

If you’re a proud owner of a Subaru, you likely know the multiple benefits of this vehicle, from its reliability, impressive performance on rough terrains, and capacity to carry a substantial weight. You might be wondering, can my Subaru tow another car?

The answer is a resounding yes. Subaru vehicles are known for their impressive towing capabilities, with the capacity to tow various types of equipment, from boats, trailers, and even other vehicles. However, while Subaru models have more than adequate towing power, there are still crucial factors to consider before embarking on a towing adventure.

In this guide, we’ll explore the towing capacity of Subaru models, discuss safety tips, and provide essential information on the best towing techniques that will help you get the most out of your vehicle.

Understanding Towing Capacity

Every Subaru model has a specific towing capacity, with some models having a higher capacity than others, based on factors such as the model year and trim level. Understanding your Subaru’s towing capacity is crucial, as it allows you to determine the type of equipment you can safely tow and the weight limits.

Overloading your Subaru can lead to significant safety issues, including brake failure, suspension damage, and engine overheating, which can quickly turn your towing experience into a hazardous one.

Subaru towing capacity charts usually explain the weight limits of specific models, including the different weights that the car can tow, from the lowest to the highest limit. These charts usually differentiate between towing with or without trailer brakes or weight distribution hitches, which brings us to the next critical factor: weight distribution.

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Weight Distribution

Improper weight distribution is one of the most significant factors that lead to accidents when towing. It’s critical to ensure that your load is evenly distributed across the car, keeping it level during your trip. This prevents the vehicle from sagging or swaying, which could cause it to lose control during high-speed drives.

Most Subaru models come with a manufacturer tow package, which includes a maximum of 400 to 500 pounds of tongue weight capacity. This weight should be distributed correctly across the trailer to keep it from swaying and ensure that the load is relatively level. You can use a weight distribution hitch to ensure proper weight distribution and improve stability when towing.

Choosing a Trailer Hitch for Subaru

To safely tow another car, you’ll need to choose the right trailer hitch for your Subaru model. There are various types of trailer hitches available today, including the Class I Hitches, which are suitable for smaller loads, while Class III Hitches can accommodate more substantial trailers.

Subaru models are compatible with different types of trailer hitches, but it’s essential to select one that matches your vehicle’s towing capacity and the load you intend to carry.

For instance, if you plan to tow a small or medium-sized vehicle, a class II hitch might be sufficient. However, if you’re transporting a large car, you’ll need a higher class hitch and the appropriate accessories for the safe transportation of larger vehicles.

Towing Boat with Subaru

Boat owners who own a Subaru and are considering towing their vessel can do so efficiently and safely.

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Subaru Outback models are popular for their ability to handle different types of boats, from canoes, kayaks, and small boats or pontoon boats. However, to ensure safe towing, you need to adhere to specific safety measures, such as ensuring that your vessel is within your Subaru’s towing capacity limit by checking the Subaru towing capacity chart.

You’ll also need to ensure that the hull is securely on the trailer and that the boat is appropriately secured using straps or ropes. Lastly, if you’re driving an all-wheel-drive Subaru, you’ll need to disconnect your front drive wheels to avoid damaging your transmission.

Towing Safety Tips

To avoid accidents while towing with your Subaru, consider the following essential safety tips:

  • Ensure that your load does not exceed your Subaru’s maximum weight capacity by checking the towing capacity chart.
  • Use the right trailer hitch and accessories that match your Subaru’s towing capabilities and the load you intend to carry.
  • Distribute the weight evenly across the vehicle and trailer to prevent swaying.
  • Always use trailer brakes, particularly if towing large or heavy equipment.
  • Install towing mirrors to improve the rear visibility of your vehicle.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What’s the maximum towing capacity of Subaru models?

A: Subaru towing capacity varies depending on the model, trim level, and year. You can check your Subaru’s towing capacity by checking on the towing capacity chart.

Q: Can Subaru tow a boat?

A: Yes, Subaru models have impressive towing capabilities and can tow different types of boats, from kayaks to pontoons. However, it’s essential to ensure that your Subaru’s towing capacity can handle your boat’s weight.

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Q: Do I need special accessories to tow with my Subaru?

A: Yes, you need a trailer hitch and other accessories, such as towing mirrors and trailer brakes, that match your Subaru’s towing capacity and the load you intend to transport.


Towing with your Subaru can be an exciting and rewarding experience, whether you’re hauling a small boat, a trailer, or another vehicle. However, it’s essential to understand your vehicle’s towing capacity, choose the right equipment, and observe essential safety measures to ensure safe and efficient towing. By following the tips, advice and information contained in this guide, you can safely and securely unlock your Subaru’s full towing potential.

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