Unlock the Power of Your Subaru with Dual Range Transmission: A Comprehensive Guide

Subaru is a well-known brand for car enthusiasts who appreciate high-performance vehicles that can handle any terrain. Car enthusiasts who are looking for an exciting and versatile driving experience often turn to Subaru for its reputation of creating durable and reliable cars. One of the unique features that sets Subaru apart from other cars is its dual range transmission. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore what is dual range transmission, why Subaru cars have it, its benefits, how it works, and how it compares to other transmissions.

What is Dual Range Transmission?

Dual range transmission is a type of transmission found in Subaru cars that allows drivers to switch between two different sets of gear ratios. This feature creates a more versatile driving experience, allowing drivers to handle steep inclines and challenging terrain. The dual range transmission is designed to provide a balance of power and efficiency, making it an excellent choice for Subaru drivers who need a reliable and versatile car.

Why Subaru Cars Have Dual Range Transmission?

Subaru has been producing cars with dual range transmission for years, as it’s a feature that empowers them to appeal to outdoor adventurers, off-road drivers, and individuals who require a car that can provide them with balance and performance on any terrain. Subaru creates all its cars with the aim of providing a high-performance driving experience for drivers, and having a dual range transmission is a core feature that helps achieve that goal. Furthermore, Subaru is known for producing all-wheel-drive cars, making it necessary for them to equip their cars with a transmission that can offer optimal performance.

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How dual range transmission works?

Dual range transmission in Subaru cars works by using the same principles as a regular gearbox. In a regular or automatic transmission, power generated by the engine goes through a gearbox, and each gear change gives the car a different amount of torque. Dual range transmission is different in that it has two separate ranges that are created by different input shafts. One shaft is responsible for low range, while the other is responsible for high range. The change between the two is carried out using a selector lever, and this lever usually lives on the center console. The selector lever can be used to choose two different sets of gear ratios, one set for regular driving conditions and another for more challenging terrain (e.g., off-road driving).

Advantages of having dual range transmission in a Subaru car

Dual range transmission offers multiple benefits that drivers and car enthusiasts can appreciate. The following benefits are associated with having dual range transmission in a Subaru car:

Enhanced Off-Road Driving Experience

Dual range transmission empowers car drivers to handle challenging terrains that would be impossible to navigate with a standard transmission. This feature allows the driver to control torque and power, making it easier to handle steep inclines and declines, mud, and sand, among other challenging terrains.

Fuel Efficiency

Dual range transmission provides a balance of power and efficiency, which helps maximize fuel efficiency. This efficiency is particularly beneficial during long, slow drives in challenging terrain.


The dual range transmission feature enhances the versatility of Subaru cars. The driver can switch between high and low gear when navigating through difficult driving conditions without having to stop. This versatility makes Subaru more than just a regular car, making it an excellent choice for off-road driving, camping, and long trips.

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Comparison of Dual Range Transmission to Other Car Transmissions

The major difference between the dual-range transmission and other transmission types in cars is that it offers an extra low gear range with an even lower gear ratio. This feature gives drivers exceptional control over their driving experience, particularly in tough driving conditions.


Do all Subaru cars have dual range transmission?

No, not all Subaru cars have dual range transmission. However, most new Subaru cars come with this feature as standard.

Is Dual Range Transmission in Subaru Cars Expensive?

Dual range transmission is slightly more expensive during manufacture, and it might also cost more when it requires repair. However, the benefits make it a valuable investment in the end.

Can Dual Range Transmission Damage the Car?

When used correctly, Dual range transmission will not damage the car. However, using the wrong gear can cause damage to the transmission and other parts of the car.

Off-Road Driving vs. On-Road Driving: Can Dual Range Transmission Improve the On-Road Driving Experience?

Dual range transmission is primarily designed for off-road driving. However, it can still enhance your on-road driving experience by providing better performance and control during tough or challenging driving conditions.


Subaru is a car brand that is well-known for producing high-performance cars that can handle any terrain. Dual range transmission is one of the unique features that sets a Subaru car apart from other cars in the market. This feature offers versatile and exceptional performance in driving conditions that would be impossible to navigate with a standard transmission. As a Subaru car driver, the Dual range transmission gives you a fuel-efficient, versatile, and durable driving experience.

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