Uncovering the Beauty of Subaru’s Tungsten Metallic Color

Are you a car enthusiast or considering purchasing a Subaru with the tungsten metallic color? Look no further, because in this article, we will dive into everything you need to know about this unique shade.

What is Tungsten Metallic Color?

Tungsten metallic is a paint color made of metallic flakes that catch light and create a shimmering effect. This color has a gray base with hints of silver and blue to give it a unique finish. Tungsten is part of the metallic color family which means it is reflective and gives vehicles a high-end look.

The Characteristics of Tungsten Metallic Color

One of the most remarkable characteristics of tungsten metallic is the ability to change its appearance depending on how it is viewed. Depending on the lighting, tungsten metallic can appear darker or lighter, showing its versatility of adapting to different situations.

Another great characteristic of tungsten metallic color is its long-lasting durability. Due to the metallic flakes in the paint, it has an increased resistance to scratches, making it able to maintain its shine and color for years.

History of Tungsten Metallic Color

Tungsten metallic became a popular option for Subaru cars in 2017. This unique color option was introduced in the Subaru WRX and STI models as part of the redesign of the new model year. Since then, it has become a classic color option for Subaru enthusiasts that value the uniqueness of their cars.

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How Tungsten Metallic Looks on Different Subaru Models

Tungsten metallic color looks great on many Subaru models, such as the Forester, Legacy, Impreza, and Outback. This color gives each model a luxurious look and pairs well with darker trims, such as black wheels.

The tungsten metallic color on the Crosstrek has a slightly different finish. This model uses a matte finish, giving it a muted look compared to the sparkly finish of other Subaru models with this color option.

Maintaining the Tungsten Metallic Color

To keep the tungsten metallic color looking its best, proper maintenance is necessary. It is essential to avoid rough washes and harmful chemicals that could damage the paint’s finish. Regular hand washing and detailing will keep the car’s color’s sparkle looking great.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes tungsten metallic color unique?

Tungsten metallic color is unique because of the metallic flakes used to create it. The flakes shimmer and change the paint’s appearance depending on the light giving it a timeless yet distinct look.

Is tungsten metallic color hard to maintain?

No, tungsten metallic color is not difficult to maintain. It is essential to use gentle cleaning products and not to wash it in overly abrasive ways. Regular hand washing and detailing will keep the car’s color looking great.

Does tungsten metallic color come standard on all Subaru models?

No, the tungsten metallic color option may not be available on all Subaru models. However, it’s a popular color option and is often available in many different models.


There you have it, an in-depth look at Subaru’s unique tungsten metallic color. From its shimmering properties, versatility on different models, and long-lasting durability, the tungsten metallic color option is indeed a great option for those who want their Subaru to stand out. Remember, taking proper care of it will ensure that it maintains its sparkle for years to come. Now it’s your turn to tell us, what do you think about the tungsten metallic color option?

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