The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Subaru: Models, Features, Financing, and More!

Subaru is a popular brand known for its reliable and safe vehicles, making it a top choice for anyone who values practicality and quality in their cars. For those looking to buy a Subaru, this comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know before purchasing one, from the brand’s history to its models, features, financing, and more. Let’s dive in!

Subaru’s History and Reputation

Subaru is a Japanese automaker that has been around since the 1950s. It’s known for its unique all-wheel-drive system, which has become a standard feature on most of its vehicles. In recent years, Subaru has become increasingly popular in the US, thanks to its reputation for building safe, reliable, and efficient cars.

One of the factors that makes Subaru stand out is its commitment to the environment and sustainability. The company has been working to reduce its carbon footprint and has a zero-landfill policy in place, which means that it strives to recycle or reuse every piece of waste generated during the manufacturing process.

Subaru Models

Subaru offers a range of models, from compact cars to mid-size SUVs. Here’s a rundown of the most popular ones:

Subaru Impreza

The Subaru Impreza is a compact car that stands out for its spacious interior, great handling, and excellent safety features. It comes in sedan or hatchback options and offers standard all-wheel drive, making it a great option for anyone who lives in an area with rough terrain or inclement weather.

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Subaru Legacy

The Subaru Legacy is a mid-size sedan that’s been around for several decades. It’s known for its comfort, reliability, and practicality, making it a great choice for families or anyone who wants a comfortable ride with great safety features.

Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback is a mid-size SUV that’s perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who need a vehicle that can handle rough terrain. It comes with standard all-wheel drive, high ground clearance, and excellent cargo space, making it a great option for camping trips, ski weekends, or anything else that requires a bit of off-roading.

Subaru Forester

The Subaru Forester is another popular SUV that’s known for its spacious interior and excellent safety ratings. It offers standard all-wheel drive and comes with the EyeSight Driver Assist Technology, which includes adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and more.

Features and Benefits

Subaru vehicles come with a range of features and benefits that make them stand out from other brands. Here are some of the most notable ones:

All-Wheel Drive

As mentioned earlier, Subaru is known for its all-wheel-drive system. This feature comes standard on all models except the BRZ, making Subaru vehicles a great choice for anyone who values stability and traction in even the harshest weather conditions.

EyeSight Driver Assist Technology

The EyeSight Driver Assist Technology is a suite of safety features that comes standard on most Subaru models. It includes adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, pre-collision braking, and more, making it one of the most advanced safety packages on the market.

BOXER Engine

Subaru uses a unique, horizontally opposed engine design called the BOXER engine. This design allows for a lower center of gravity, which helps improve balance and stability while driving. It also offers better performance and fuel efficiency than traditional engine designs.

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Safety Ratings and Reliability

Subaru is consistently ranked as one of the safest and most reliable car brands on the market. According to the IIHS, Subaru has more Top Safety Picks+ awards than any other brand. Additionally, Subaru vehicles are known for their reliability, with many models scoring well in reliability tests conducted by organizations like Consumer Reports.

Financing Options

Subaru offers a range of financing options to make purchasing a new vehicle more accessible. These include low-interest rates, lease options, and more. Additionally, Subaru has a partnership with various banks and credit unions to offer even better financing options to qualified buyers.

Maintenance Costs

Subaru vehicles are generally low-maintenance, with routine maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations being the most common and affordable tasks. However, because Subaru vehicles use unique parts like the BOXER engine, repairs or replacements can be more expensive than they would be for a more commonly used engine.

Common Questions

Are Subaru vehicles fuel-efficient?

Subaru vehicles generally offer good fuel efficiency, with many models averaging between 25-30 MPG in combined city/highway driving.

How many people can fit in a Subaru?

Subaru vehicles generally offer seating for five, although some models like the Ascent can accommodate up to eight passengers.

How do Subaru vehicles handle in the snow?

Thanks to their all-wheel-drive system, Subaru vehicles perform exceptionally well in snowy or icy conditions.


If you’re looking for a reliable, safe, and practical vehicle, Subaru is definitely worth considering. With a range of models that offer unique features and benefits, as well as a reputation for safety and reliability, owning a Subaru is a smart choice. And with financing options that make purchasing more accessible, there’s never been a better time to buy one.

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