The Emotional Storytelling Behind Subaru’s ‘Don’t Leave Just Yet’ Commercial: How It Captivated Audiences And Boosted The Brand’s Safety Image

Have you ever watched a car commercial that left you emotionally moved for all the right reasons? Subaru’s "Don’t Leave Just Yet" commercial did just that. Whether you are an avid car enthusiast or simply appreciate emotionally charged storytelling, this advertisement likely captured your attention. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the background of the commercial, the creative process behind it, its impact on the audience, and Subaru’s brand image.

The Background And Inspiration Behind The Commercial

Subaru is a car manufacturer that values safety, reliability, and adventure. As such, these principles served as the inspiration for the "Don’t Leave Just Yet" commercial. The advertisement was created by renowned advertising agency, Carmichael Lynch, who was tasked with creating a commercial that reflected Subaru’s brand values. The agency adopted an emotional storytelling approach to attract audiences that values safety, reliability, and adventure in a car.

The commercial tells the story of a father who is worried about his daughter driving to college alone for the first time. We see the father preparing his daughter’s car, and as he is about to let her go, a sudden realization hits him. As he runs behind her car, he tells her to wait, and hands her the keys to a brand-new Subaru. The message of the commercial is simple: providing safety isn’t just a need for children, but also a need for parents even when they’re no longer around.

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The Creative Process Of Developing The Advertisement

Carmichael Lynch spent months developing the "Don’t Leave Just Yet" concept. The team had to ensure that the commercial’s message was relatable while also staying true to Subaru’s brand values. They were meticulous in their attention to detail, from the music to the props and everything in between.

The original concept of the commercial was much different from what we see today. But, the creative process involved diverse perspectives being brought in to ensure the complete success of the commercial.

"There were multiple versions of the concept," said Chief Creative Officer, Marty Senn. "But we agreed on the final version because it effectively communicates what Subaru represents to its customers: safety, reliability, and adventure. We knew that when people watched it, they’d see themselves in the story."

Indeed, the commercial’s emotional storytelling technique resonated with the audience.

The Response From The Audience

The "Don’t Leave Just Yet" commercial was met with widespread acclaim from the audience, who praised its powerful storytelling and emotional impact. The commercial went viral, with people sharing the message on various social media platforms. This response is no surprise, considering that the commercial tapped into a universal truth – the importance of safety and reliability.

The Impact Of The Commercial On Subaru’s Brand Image

The "Don’t Leave Just Yet" commercial had a significant impact on Subaru’s brand image. The commercial was part of a larger campaign centered around Subaru’s safety and reliability reputation. The ad helped to reinforce the brand’s message of providing safe cars for individuals and families.

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The commercial’s success was also reflected in the sales of Subaru cars. They have continued to grow in popularity, with many people citing the "Don’t Leave Just Yet" commercial as their first exposure to the brand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the "Don’t Leave Just Yet" commercial?

The "Don’t Leave Just Yet" commercial is a Subaru advertisement that tells the story of a father who gives his daughter a new car before she leaves for college to follow his favorite car brand values: safety, reliability, and adventure.

What is the significance of the "Don’t Leave Just Yet" commercial?

The commercial is significant as it was part of a larger campaign to promote Subaru’s safety and reliability reputation, and it connected with people emotionally on a universal level.

What is the creative process behind the commercial?

The creative process behind the commercial involved months of development, including coming up with different versions of the concept to ensure the final version was relatable while staying true to the brand values.

What was the audience response to the commercial?

The audience response to the commercial was overwhelmingly positive, with widespread acclaim, shares on social media platforms, and increasing sales of Subaru vehicles.


The "Don’t Leave Just Yet" commercial is an example of an advertisement that can emotionally connect with audiences when executed correctly. It featured an emotional storytelling technique that resonated and highlighted Subaru’s brand values of safety and reliability. Perhaps most importantly, it demonstrated that there is a definite power in communicating important values in marketing campaigns. The impact of the commercial was felt by Subaru’s brand reputation, and it served to remind people that feeling emotionally connected is a natural and desirable end goal of good advertising.

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