Subaru’s Sustainable Solution: How Much Cardboard Did They Recycle in 2018?


Subaru has been known for its commitment to sustainable practices. The Japanese automobile manufacturer has always been at the forefront of environmentally friendly practices that reduce their carbon footprint. As part of their eco-friendly efforts, Subaru has implemented a cardboard recycling process that has proved to be a massive success. In 2018, Subaru broke records in cardboard recycling and recycling paper, and this article will go into detail on how much cardboard they recycled.

Subaru’s Cardboard Recycling Process

Subaru’s process of cardboard recycling is comprehensive and thorough. The process starts with the collection of cardboard pieces by Subaru employees from their office buildings and factories. These pieces are then compressed into bales and transferred to a recycling facility that specializes in the recycling of cardboard. At the recycling facility, the cardboard is sorted, cleaned and sent for pulping.

The Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of Subaru’s sustainable solution cannot be overstated. In 2018, Subaru recycled over 27,000 pounds of cardboard; this amounted to over 14 tons of waste that would have otherwise gone to landfills. By recycling the cardboard, Subaru saved an average of 266 trees, 109,000 gallons of wastewater, and over 40,000 kWh of energy.

Subaru’s Future Goals

Subaru’s commitment to reducing their environmental footprint does not end with cardboard recycling. The company has set new sustainability goals that include reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water usage. They aim to reduce their manufacturing greenhouse gas emissions by 30% over the next decade and increase their use of renewable energy to 30% of total energy usage.

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Subaru’s Sustainability Commitment

Subaru’s cardboard recycling process is proof of their commitment to sustainable practices, and their success has been recognized on a global level. In 2020, Subaru received a perfect score of 100 on the CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) Climate Change List, which recognizes companies that are taking significant steps to tackle climate change. Subaru’s commitment to sustainability has earned them the title of the "greenest" automaker in the world.


Q: Does Subaru only recycle cardboard?
A: No. Subaru has a comprehensive recycling program that includes recycling materials such as plastics, metal, and paper.

Q: How much energy was saved by Subaru’s cardboard recycling program?
A: In 2018, Subaru saved over 40,000 kWh of energy.

Q: What other sustainable practices has Subaru implemented?
A: Subaru has implemented a host of sustainable practices, which includes reducing waste, using renewable energy, and reducing water usage.


Subaru’s cardboard recycling program is a testament to their commitment to sustainable practices and the environment. In 2018, Subaru recycled over 27,000 pounds of cardboard, which would have otherwise gone to landfills. While it might seem like a small achievement, the environmental impact of this effort is significant. Subaru’s future sustainability goals show that they are in for the long haul when it comes to reducing their environmental footprint.

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