Subaru’s Manufacturing in America: A Guide to Plants and Production

Subaru of America has been producing cars in the United States for over 30 years. Since the early 80s, the automaker has expanded production in the US in response to increasing demand for its vehicles. Currently, the company has two manufacturing plants operating in the US and one engine plant. This article provides a comprehensive guide to the Subaru plants in America, their products, and their contributions to the automotive industry.

Subaru’s Manufacturing Plants in the US

1. Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA)

Located at Lafayette, Indiana, this manufacturing plant is the primary Subaru production facility in the US. The SIA plant produces around 350,000 vehicles annually, including the Subaru Outback, Legacy sedan, and Impreza. Additionally, this plant also manufactures Toyota Camry and Toyota Avalon models alongside Subaru models. The Lafayette assembly plant was established in 1989 and spans over 4 million square feet. The plant employs over 6,000 people, making it one of the largest Subaru production sites globally.

2. Subaru of America Philadelphia Parts Distribution Center

The PDC, located in Florence Township, New Jersey is a major parts distribution center for Subaru of America. The 265,000 square-foot distribution center offers parts supplies to retailers and dealers across the Eastern U.S. The facility is equipped to handle around 10 million pieces of parts and accessories per month, significantly contributing to providing Subaru owners with original equipment quality parts at competitive prices.

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3. Subaru of America, Lafayette Engine Plant (LEP)

Established in 1989, the engine plant in Lafayette, Indiana, produces the Subaru boxer engine series and other related components for various vehicles like the Subaru Ascent, Impreza, and Legacy. This factory is located near the SIA production plant. In 2020, the plant produced over 310,000 engines and now employs over 750 people.

Subaru’s Impact in the Automotive Industry

Subaru’s decision to establish manufacturing plants in the United States has not only provided job opportunities for Americans but also contributed to the growth of the nation’s automotive industry. The expansion of Subaru’s manufacturing facilities into America has resulted in the production of high-quality cars that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of American consumers. In addition, the automaker’s U.S. facilities ensure product supply stays cost-effective, leading to competitive pricing, and has the potential to reduce foreign trade gaps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How many Subaru plants are in the US?

A: Subaru of America operates two manufacturing plants and one engine plant in the United States.

Q: Where are the Subaru plants located?

A: The Subaru manufacturing plants in the US are located in Lafayette, Indiana.

Q: What does Subaru produce in the US?

A: The Subaru manufacturing plants in the US produce the Outback, Legacy sedan, and the Impreza.

Q: What is Subaru’s impact on the US automotive industry?

A: Subaru’s manufacturing plants in the US have contributed significantly to the nation’s automotive industry’s growth, providing American consumers with high-quality products while also boosting the economy and creating job opportunities.

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Subaru’s decision to establish manufacturing plants in the US has undoubtedly benefitted the automaker, American consumers, and the nation’s economy as a whole. The automaker’s US-based facilities ensure that American customers receive high-quality products uniquely tailored to their needs and preferences. Additionally, the facilities have helped reduce the nation’s trade imbalance while providing Americans with employment opportunities. With such significant contributions to the automotive industry, Subaru remains a leading manufacturer of high-quality vehicles in the United States.

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