Subaru Vehicles and Fakra Connectors: Exploring Compatibility and Benefits

Subaru is a well-known brand with a reputation for producing reliable and sturdy vehicles. One crucial aspect of automobile engineering is the wiring system, and the connectors used in the process determine the overall efficiency and effectiveness of a car’s electronic system. Among them is the Fakra connector, a significant innovation in automotive connectivity, noted for its outstanding performance and reliability. In this article, we’ll explore Fakra connectors and whether or not they are used in Subaru cars, as well as their benefits.

What are Fakra connectors?

Fakra connectors are RF connectors designed for automotive use and are widely used in Europe. The connector is a result of a joint effort between car manufacturers and car communication infrastructure providers to meet the growing demand for high-quality signal transmission between antennas, cables, and devices. The Fakra connector is similar to an SMB connector in appearance but comes with improved performance and a wide variety of color-coding options for ease of installation.

The Purpose of Fakra Connectors in a Car’s Wiring System

Fakra connectors are used in wires and cables for different vehicle components, including GPS, radio, remote keyless entry, mobile phones, DVDs, and rearview cameras. They provide a robust and reliable connection and eliminate the risk of electromagnetic interference. Additionally, they are easy to install and remove, allowing for quick replacement of faulty components.

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Does Subaru Use Fakra Connectors in Its Vehicles?

Yes, Subaru uses Fakra connectors in its vehicles, but not throughout all of them. Subarus equipped with a Harman or Clarion audio system or a factory satellite radio require a Fakra connector. However, the rest of the car models may or may not have them. If you are working on a Subaru, it is advisable to identify if your model has a Fakra connector before buying a replacement connector.

Alternative Types of Connectors Used by Subaru

Subaru uses different types of connectors, including the ISO connector, JST connector, and MX23A connector. The ISO connector is used in the vast majority of Subarus and is readily available in the market. The JST connector, on the other hand, is found in newer model Subarus and is used for sensors and electronic control units. The MX23A connector connects the engine and transmission control units, and its use is limited in Subarus.

Fakra Connector Benefits

The Fakra connector offers numerous benefits, making it ideal for automotive use. Its design guarantees a perfect fit and eliminates the risk of cable or connector damage. The different color codes make it easy to connect various components, reducing installation time. Fakra connectors provide excellent signal performance and are well-insulated and shielded to prevent RF interference, ensuring stable connection and clear signal transmission.


Q1. What does Fakra stand for?

A1. Fakra stands for "FAchKReis-Automobil."

Q2. Are Fakra connectors waterproof?

A2. Yes, Fakra connectors have an IP-Code rating of IP60 to IP68, making them resistant to dust and water.

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Q3. Can I replace a damaged Fakra connector in my Subaru on my own?

A3. Yes, you can replace a damaged Fakra connector in your Subaru on your own. However, it is advisable to have some skill and experience in car electronic repair before attempting to replace it.


Fakra connectors are essential components in ensuring a vehicle’s standardized electronic system. Subaru uses Fakra connectors in some of its vehicles, providing the reliability and security that comes with this innovation. It is essential to identify which type of connector your Subaru model uses before replacement to ensure compatibility. With its superior signal transmission and user-friendly installation, Fakra connectors remain a solid option for any automobile manufacturer or owner looking to keep their vehicle electronics system in top-notch condition.

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