Subaru Natsuki’s Traumatic Encounter: A Deep Dive into the Attack in a hotel Scene in Re:Zero

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Re:Zero anime series.

Subaru Natsuki’s journey in another world has been filled with sorrow, betrayal, and trauma. However, no event was more traumatic than his attack in a hotel in the anime series Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World. In this article, we will explore the events leading up to the attack, its impact on Subaru, and the potential symbolism behind the scene.

Context and Events

Before we dive into the specifics of the hotel attack, let’s recap the context leading up to it. Subaru is a young man who was transported to another world, where he possesses the ability to return from death by rewinding time. After various trials and tribulations, Subaru finally reaches the royal capital of Lugnica, where he meets a half-elf named Emilia.

Subaru becomes infatuated with Emilia and is determined to help her become the next ruler of Lugnica. However, their journey becomes increasingly fraught with danger as they encounter the "Witch’s Cult," a fanatical group of individuals seeking to bring back the "Witch of Envy," a powerful entity responsible for the destruction of the world centuries ago.

During one encounter with the Witch’s Cult, Subaru is captured and taken to a hotel room, where he is brutally beaten by the cultists. The scene is graphic and unsettling, with the sound design and animation emphasizing each blow struck against Subaru. The attack ultimately ends with Subaru being stabbed in the chest and dying once again.

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Impact on Subaru

The attack in a hotel marks a significant turning point in Subaru’s character development. Up until this point, Subaru was a brash and occasionally arrogant protagonist, who often relied on his ability to rewind time to avoid danger. However, the attack shattered his confidence and left him with deep psychological scars.

Subaru becomes increasingly paranoid and fearful, unable to trust anyone around him. He develops PTSD-like symptoms, such as panic attacks and flashbacks, that further exacerbate his mental state. Subaru’s interactions with Emilia become strained, as he is unable to admit the truth about his experiences and fears for her safety.

Ultimately, the attack serves as a catalyst for Subaru’s growth as a character. He gradually learns to confront his trauma and seek help from those around him. The scene marks a significant turning point in the series, as it sets the stage for Subaru’s growth and development in the following episodes.

Symbolism and Themes

The hotel attack scene in Re:Zero can be analyzed through various lenses, including its potential symbolism and themes. One interpretation of the scene is that it represents Subaru’s descent into his "shadow self," a concept used in Jungian psychology to describe repressed aspects of the psyche.

Subaru’s trauma represents a part of himself that he has repressed and denied, leading to its manifestation as a separate entity. The attack in the hotel room can be seen as the "shadow self" breaking free from its confinement and attacking Subaru with brutal force. The scene can also be interpreted as a metaphor for the battle against mental illness, with Subaru’s trauma serving as a potent adversary he must overcome.

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The attack in a hotel scene in Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World is a powerful and unsettling moment that has left a lasting impact on viewers and fans of the series. The scene serves as a turning point in Subaru’s character development, showcasing his struggle with trauma and the potential for growth and recovery.

Through its graphic violence and complex symbolism, the scene serves as a poignant reminder of the struggles many individuals face when trying to overcome trauma and mental illness. Subaru’s journey in another world is far from over, but it is moments like these that make his story all the more compelling and resonant.


Q. What led to Subaru’s attack in the hotel room in Re:Zero?
A. Subaru was captured by the Witch’s Cult, a fanatical group seeking to bring back the "Witch of Envy." Subaru was taken to a hotel room where he was brutally beaten and ultimately stabbed to death.

Q. How did Subaru’s attack in the hotel affect him?
A. The attack shattered Subaru’s confidence and left him with deep psychological scars, including PTSD-like symptoms such as panic attacks and flashbacks. However, it ultimately served as a catalyst for his growth and development as a character.

Q. What is the potential symbolism behind the hotel attack scene in Re:Zero?
A. The scene can be interpreted through various lenses, including its potential symbolism as a representation of Subaru’s "shadow self" and its relationship to mental illness and trauma.

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