Subaru GPS Tracking Devices: Keeping Your Car Safe and Secure

As a car owner, one of your top priorities is ensuring the safety and security of your vehicle. In recent years, GPS tracking devices have become increasingly popular as a means of safeguarding cars against theft and other security issues. But what about Subaru cars? Do they come with a tracking device? How does it work? And what are the benefits of having one installed in your car? In this article, we’ll answer all your questions about Subaru’s GPS tracking devices.

Understanding GPS Tracking Devices

Before we delve into Subaru’s tracking devices, let’s first understand what GPS tracking devices are. GPS (Global Positioning System) is a network of satellites that orbit the earth. A GPS tracking device is a small electronic device that uses signals from these satellites to determine the exact location of a car. This location information is transmitted to a remote server, which can be accessed by the car owner via a mobile app or website.

GPS tracking devices can be used for a range of applications, but for car owners, the most common use is to prevent theft and locate stolen vehicles. In addition to theft prevention, GPS tracking devices can also be used for emergency response, keeping track of employee vehicles, and monitoring the driving habits of teenage drivers.

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Subaru’s GPS Tracking Devices

Now that we understand what GPS tracking devices are, let’s take a look at Subaru’s offerings. Subaru offers two tracking devices: STARLINK Safety and Security Plus and STARLINK Concierge.

STARLINK Safety and Security Plus

STARLINK Safety and Security Plus is a suite of safety features that includes automatic collision notification, SOS emergency assistance, stolen vehicle recovery, remote services, and monthly vehicle health reports. The tracking device is built into the car and can be accessed via the STARLINK mobile app.

One of the standout features of the Safety and Security Plus system is the automatic collision notification. In the event of a collision, the system will automatically notify emergency services, provide the location of the vehicle, and attempt to establish a voice connection with the car’s occupants. This feature can be a lifesaver in emergency situations.

STARLINK Concierge

STARLINK Concierge is a premium service that provides 24/7 access to a personal assistant for non-emergency requests. This can include anything from making dinner reservations to finding the nearest gas station. The Concierge service also includes remote services such as remote start, remote lock/unlock, and vehicle location.

It’s worth noting that both the Safety and Security Plus and Concierge services require a subscription fee. However, the benefits of having access to 24/7 emergency services and assistance can outweigh the cost for many car owners.

Benefits of GPS Tracking Devices

Now that we’ve looked at Subaru’s offerings, let’s discuss the benefits of having a GPS tracking device installed in your car.

Theft Prevention

Theft prevention is one of the main benefits of GPS tracking devices. In the event of a theft, the device can help locate the stolen vehicle and provide the authorities with its exact location, increasing the chances of recovery. GPS tracking devices can also deter thieves by notifying the car owner of any unauthorized movement of the vehicle.

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Emergency Response

Another benefit of GPS tracking devices is emergency response. In the event of an accident, the automatic collision notification feature of Subaru’s Safety and Security Plus system can notify emergency services and provide your location, even if you’re unable to do so yourself.

Peace of Mind

A GPS tracking device can provide peace of mind for car owners, especially those with expensive vehicles. Knowing that your car is being monitored and can be located in the event of a theft or emergency can be a huge relief.

Privacy Concerns

While GPS tracking devices have many benefits, they do raise concerns over privacy. Car owners may feel uncomfortable with the idea of their location being constantly monitored and recorded. However, it’s worth noting that Subaru’s tracking devices only transmit information in the event of an emergency or if the car is stolen. The information is then only accessible by authorized parties, such as emergency responders or the car owner.


Do all Subaru cars come with a GPS tracking device?

No, not all Subaru cars come with a GPS tracking device. The STARLINK tracking devices are an optional feature that can be added to most Subaru models.

How much does the subscription fee for STARLINK services cost?

The subscription fee for STARLINK services varies depending on the package and the length of the subscription. The Safety and Security Plus package starts at $99/year, while the Concierge package starts at $149/year.

Can I install a third-party GPS tracking device in my Subaru car?

Yes, you can install a third-party GPS tracking device in your Subaru car. However, it’s worth noting that doing so may void your car’s warranty and could potentially cause damage to the vehicle if not installed properly.

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In conclusion, Subaru offers a range of GPS tracking devices that provide a suite of safety and security features for its cars. These devices not only help prevent theft but also provide emergency response services and peace of mind for car owners. While GPS tracking devices do raise concerns over privacy, Subaru’s devices only transmit information in the event of an emergency or theft and are designed to only be accessible by authorized parties. If you’re a Subaru owner, it’s worth considering adding a GPS tracking device to your car for added peace of mind.

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