Subaru Engine Manufacturing: A Comprehensive Insight into Boxer Engines and Technologies

Subaru is a Japanese car manufacturer renowned for innovative vehicle designs and advanced drivetrain technology. The company’s engines are one of the most unique features of its vehicles, and they are known for their power, efficiency, and reliability. In this article, we will delve into Subaru’s Engine Manufacturing process, the history of the company, its unique selling proposition, and types of engine technologies that contribute to its success.

Subaru’s History and Engine Manufacturing

Subaru was founded in 1953 as Fuji Heavy Industries, which specialized in producing aircraft for Japan’s war efforts. Over time, the company diversified, moving into the automobile industry. Subaru produced its first car, the Subaru 1500, in 1958. The company’s engine production started in 1966 with the introduction of their first-ever horizontally opposed "boxer" engine. Boxer engines have gained immense popularity amongst auto enthusiasts because of their smooth operation and low center of gravity.

Subaru’s boxer engines have a unique design and construction, making them stand out from the rest of the engines. The opposing pistons cancel out the vibrations that typically happen in conventional engines. As a result, boxer engines can produce more power using less fuel, which contributes to a vehicle’s fuel efficiency and performance.

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Subaru Engine Technologies

Subaru’s engine production has evolved tremendously over the years. The company has introduced different engine technologies that have contributed to its success. Here are some of the most iconic engine technologies used by Subaru:

1. Subaru Boxer Engine

Subaru’s Boxer engines are mostly featured in their vehicles as standard engines. They are horizontally opposed, meaning that their pistons face one another. This design gives the engine a lower center of gravity than engines that have their pistons in a V or inline configuration.

2. Subaru Global Platform

Subaru’s Global Platform is the latest technology used in the company’s manufacturing process. The platform aims to improve vehicle’s handling, comfort, and safety while reducing the vibrations and noise produced by the engine. The Subaru Global Platform allows engineers to fine-tune the engine for maximum efficiency and power.

3. Subaru Active Valve Control System

The Subaru Active Valve Control System is an advanced engine technology that ensures the engine runs smoothly and quietly. The technology controls the engine’s exhaust valve timing, ensuring that the engine’s power is produced evenly throughout the power band. Subaru Active Valve Control System works to maintain a balance of performance and efficiency.

Comparison of Subaru Engines with Other Car Brands

Subaru’s engines are unique, and they offer features that make them stand out from the competition. Comparatively, engines from different brands have different strengths and weaknesses. For example, Toyota engines are known for their reliability, while Mercedes engines offer high performance.

Subaru’s engines offer great balance between performance, efficiency and durability. Thanks to the boxer engine design, Subaru engines produce less vibration, even in high-performance cars. Subaru engines have earned a reputation for their reliability, even in extreme conditions. When compared with other brands, Subaru offers a better balance of power, handling, and fuel efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are Subaru’s Boxer Engines?

A: Subaru’s Boxer Engines are horizontally opposed engines that feature two banks of cylinders facing each either side of a flat cylinder block. The opposing pistons cancel out the vibrations, resulting in a smoother engine operation.

Q: What makes Subaru engines different from other engines?

A: Subaru engines are different from other engines mostly because of their unique design features. The company’s engines feature a horizontally opposed "boxer" engine configuration, lower center of gravity, and a reputation for being reliable and durable.


Subaru is a brand that has continuously innovated to produce engines with advanced technologies and unparalleled reliability. The company has come a long way since its founding in the 1950s, and the introduction of its boxer engines has been instrumental in the brand’s success. Subaru’s engine manufacturing process involves the use of advanced technologies such as the Subaru Boxer engine, Global Platform, and the Subaru Active Valve Control System, which sets the company apart from its competitors. Subaru continues to innovate, and its engines remain the driving force behind its success in the automobile industry.

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