Subaru: Compassionate Company or Greedy Business? Delving into the Truth Behind the Automaker’s Sustainability Practices and Pricing Strategies.

As one of the most beloved automotive brands in the world, Subaru has always exemplified incredible longevity, safety, and practicality in their vehicles. However, amid rumors of corporate greed, some consumers have begun to wonder whether or not the automaker truly aligns with their values. In this article, we’ll explore Subaru’s history, business practices, environmental and community initiatives, and controversies to help determine whether Subaru is a compassionate company or a greedy business.

A Brief History of Subaru and their Business Practices

Subaru was established in 1953 and quickly gained recognition for the high quality of their vehicles. Over the years, their business practices have remained grounded in a customer-oriented approach, using innovative engineering and advanced technology to create cars that are both reliable and highly functional. One notable characteristic of Subaru is their horizontally-opposed "boxer" engine, which provides a smoother ride and better handling compared to other engines. In addition, Subaru has historically focused on safety, earning multiple IIHS Top Safety Picks for their vehicles.

Analysis of Subaru’s Business Model and Pricing

Subaru’s business model is centered around quality rather than quantity. They aim to produce a limited number of vehicles while maintaining their high standards for safety and longevity. This approach may lead to higher prices, but it also ensures that vehicles are of the highest possible quality. In addition, Subaru’s approach to pricing is generally consistent, with prices varying by features and model rather than location.

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However, some have criticized Subaru for their higher prices and lack of luxury features in their vehicles, which could lead to decreased market share amongst consumers seeking a more high-end vehicle experience.

Their Contribution to the Environment and Community

Subaru has a long-standing commitment to environmental sustainability, producing vehicles with high fuel efficiency and low emissions. Additionally, they invest in renewable energy initiatives, including solar power in manufacturing facilities and reducing waste in production. They also work with organizations like the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics to promote responsible practices in the outdoors.

Subaru is also known for their community involvement, including partnerships with nonprofits and other organizations to promote environmental awareness and support social causes. Their long-standing partnership with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) exemplifies their commitment to supporting important social causes.

Any Controversies that the Company has been Involved In

While Subaru is generally known for their ethical practices, they have faced some controversies over the years. One example is the recent recall of over 2 million cars due to a malfunctioning brake light switch. Additionally, they were cited in a lawsuit for faulty lubrication in their engines, which may have caused some vehicles to burn oil and require additional repair or replacement.

Opinions and Reviews of Subaru from Professionals and Customers

Overall, reviews of Subaru vehicles are generally positive, with many drivers praising the safety, reliability, and longevity of their cars. Many consumers show brand loyalty to Subaru and report owning multiple vehicles over the years. However, some drivers have criticized the lack of luxury features in their cars, and some experts note that the company may not focus enough on innovation or forward-thinking design.

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Comparison of Subaru to Competitors in the Automobile Industry

Subaru has carved out a unique niche in the automobile industry, with a focus on safety, reliability, and longevity. While some may compare them to luxury brands or other popular automakers, their commitment to quality and sustainability sets them apart from competitors. However, some competitors may offer more advanced technology and luxury features in their vehicles.


Is Subaru a Green Company?

Subaru has a long-standing commitment to environmental sustainability, investing in renewable energy initiatives and producing cars with high fuel efficiency and low emissions. They are also actively involved in supporting environmental causes and working with organizations to promote responsible practices in the outdoors.

Are Subaru Vehicles Reliable?

Subaru vehicles are known for their reliability and longevity, with many drivers owning their cars for multiple years and even decades. However, like any vehicle, they may require repairs and maintenance over time.

Does Subaru Focus on Safety in their Vehicles?

Subaru has a long-standing commitment to safety, earning multiple IIHS Top Safety Picks for their vehicles. They focus on active safety features to prevent accidents, as well as passive safety measures like airbags and crumple zones in case of a collision.

Are Subaru Vehicles Expensive?

Subaru vehicles may be more expensive compared to some popular automakers, but their pricing is consistent across markets and generally reflects their commitment to quality and safety. Prices vary by model and features, but their business model focuses on quality rather than quantity.


Through a thorough investigation of Subaru’s history, business practices, environmental and social initiatives, and reviews from professionals and customers, we can conclude that Subaru is a compassionate company that values quality, safety, and sustainability. While they have faced some controversies and criticism over pricing and features, their commitment to long-term ethical practices and community involvement sets them apart from other automakers. For those looking for a practical, reliable, and environmentally-friendly car, Subaru is definitely worth considering.

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