Revolutionizing the Ride: A Comprehensive Look at the CVT in the 2019 Subaru

If you’ve been researching cars lately, you may have come across the term "CVT" or Continuously Variable Transmission. But what exactly is a CVT, and how does it work in the 2019 Subaru? In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of CVT, discussing everything from its benefits to potential drawbacks.

What is CVT?

Before we dive into the specifics of how a CVT works, let’s take a moment to understand what it is. Unlike traditional automatic transmission, which uses a set number of gears, a CVT utilizes a pulley system to provide a continuously changing range of gear ratios. Essentially, it allows the engine to operate at its most efficient RPM for any given speed, resulting in better fuel efficiency and a smoother driving experience.

How does CVT work in the 2019 Subaru?

The 2019 Subaru features Subaru’s Lineartronic CVT, which uses two hydraulically-operated adjustable pulleys and a metal drive belt to provide smooth and seamless acceleration. Essentially, the transmission can adjust the gear ratio infinitely, seamlessly selecting the best ratio for any given driving situation. Because of this, the Lineartronic CVT can help boost fuel efficiency while also enhancing the overall driving experience.

Benefits of CVT

So, what are the benefits of having a CVT engine in your car? Well, for one thing, CVT allows the engine to operate at its most efficient RPM, which can result in improved fuel efficiency. In fact, some estimates suggest that vehicles with CVT engines can experience a 10% improvement in fuel economy compared to traditional automatics.

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In addition to better fuel efficiency, CVT can also improve the overall driving experience. Because the engine can constantly adjust its RPM, there’s no need for gear changes, which can result in smoother acceleration and a more comfortable ride. Furthermore, because the engine can operate at its most efficient RPM, it can provide better response and acceleration, making for a more exciting driving experience overall.

CVT vs Automatic Transmission

Now, you may be wondering how CVT compares to traditional automatic transmission. As we’ve already discussed, CVT can provide better fuel efficiency and a more seamless driving experience. In contrast, traditional automatic transmission relies on fixed gears, which can result in more abrupt acceleration and decreased fuel efficiency.

However, some drivers may prefer the feel of traditional automatic transmission, which can provide a more visceral driving experience. Additionally, some experts have expressed concerns about the long-term durability of CVT engines, although most drivers will likely not encounter any issues.

Potential Drawbacks of CVT in the 2019 Subaru

While there are certainly benefits to having a CVT engine in your car, there are also potential drawbacks. For one thing, some drivers may not enjoy the feel of driving a CVT-equipped car, as it can sometimes feel like the engine is working harder than it needs to be. Additionally, some manufacturers have experienced issues with CVT reliability in the past, although Subaru’s Lineartronic CVT has generally received positive reviews.


Overall, the CVT engine in the 2019 Subaru represents a significant step forward in automotive technology. With improved fuel efficiency, smoother acceleration, and a more enjoyable driving experience, it’s no wonder that more and more drivers are turning to CVT-equipped vehicles. Of course, like any technology, there are potential drawbacks to consider, but for many drivers, the benefits of CVT will outweigh any concerns.

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