Resetting Homelink in Your Subaru: Step-by-Step Guide + Troubleshooting Tips

If you’ve been facing issues with Homelink in your Subaru vehicle, it can be frustrating. Homelink is a feature programmed into most Subaru models that allows you to sync the garage door opener with your vehicle. It’s a helpful feature that eliminates the need for multiple remotes, but at times, it may need to be reset. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of resetting Homelink in your Subaru vehicle, step-by-step, and troubleshoot common issues.

What is Homelink and Why it May Need to be Reset?

Homelink is a built-in feature in many Subaru vehicles, which allows the user to synchronize garage door openers or other home automation devices. It operates by transmitting the codes that your remote control uses, so you can operate the device with the buttons located in your vehicle instead of carrying around a separate remote.

In some cases, Homelink may require a reset. The reasons for resetting Homelink in your Subaru vehicle could vary. It could be because you’re having issues with the synchronization of your garage door opener or you’re trying to program a new remote. Whatever the reason may be, resetting Homelink is an easy task that can be completed in a few steps.

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How to Reset Homelink in Your Subaru Vehicle

Resetting Homelink in your Subaru vehicle is a straightforward process. Please follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Clear All Previous Programming

  1. Turn on the ignition switch to the "On" position.
  2. Simultaneously press and hold down the two outer Homelink buttons for approximately 10 seconds, until the in-vehicle LED lights start to flash.

Step 2: Program Homelink

  1. Hold the remote of the device that you would like to program in front of the Homelink buttons.
  2. Press and hold down the Homelink button that you would like to program and the matching button on your remote simultaneously for around 20 seconds or until the in-vehicle LED lightsturn on.
  3. Release both buttons.

Step 3: Test Homelink

To ensure that Homelink is functioning correctly, please test the system using your remote control. If it doesn’t work correctly, troubleshoot the issue following the guidelines we’ve outlined below.

Troubleshooting Common Homelink Issues

Even after following the steps mentioned above, there may be problems that can arise in the Homelink system. Here are a few common issues and the solutions to those issues:

Homelink Doesn’t Work or Pair with the Device

If your Homelink doesn’t work or connect with other devices, we suggest going over the steps outlined above to troubleshoot the issue. Follow the reset guide, and if it still doesn’t work, try following these tips:

  • Check whether your garage door opener is compatible with the Homelink system.
  • Make sure the remote control used for programming the Homelink buttons is in good condition.
  • Ensure that the garage door opener is within range of the Homelink system.
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Homelink Light Flashes Rapidly

If the Homelink LED light is flashing rapidly, this is an indication that there is an error in the programming. The possible reasons why this could happen are:

  • The device you are trying to pair with Homelink is not compatible or the garage door opener frequency doesn’t match. Please refer to your device manual to check.
  • You have followed the steps out of order. Ensure that you have cleared all previous programming, then proceed with programming.

The Homelink Button Has a Dim LED Light

If the Homelink button LED lights are dim or don’t light up at all, this could indicate that the battery in your remote needs to be replaced.


Resetting Homelink in your Subaru vehicle is relatively easy, and by following our step-by-step guide, you should be able to do it with ease. Remember to clear all previous programming, program Homelink, and test it. Still, if you encounter any issues, follow the guidelines outlined above to troubleshoot the problem.

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