Mastering the Cant Say No Route: A Complete Subaru Walkthrough for Shall We Date Fans

Are you a fan of Shall We Date games and looking for help with the Cant Say No route? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed walkthrough of the Subaru character route, including tips on building an affinity meter and unlocking multiple endings.


If you are reading this article, we assume that you are a fan of Shall We Date games with an understanding of game mechanics. You may have played other character routes and are looking for specific choices and walkthroughs to follow the Subaru character route.

Who is Subaru?

Before we dive into the walkthrough, let’s know a little more about Subaru. He is a popular character in the game and goes by the name ‘Prince Subaru.’ He is charming and has a playful personality but has a deeper, more complicated side to him that is revealed as the story progresses.

Subaru’s Route

Subaru’s route is unique compared to other character routes. There are three different endings and several sub-endings that offer a variety of stories. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that, unlike other routes where the endings mainly depend on the choices you make, Subaru’s endings are determined by your affinity with him.

Building an Affinity Meter

Before starting with the walkthrough, let’s first discuss the affinity meter. Building affinity with characters is a crucial aspect of Shall We Date games. An affinity meter shows how well you are getting along with a character. It can be checked under the “Character information” section under the menu.

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To build an affinity with Subaru, certain choices must be made during the storyline. You can increase your affinity by selecting choices that are in line with Subaru’s personality and interests. For instance, choosing answers that highlight his playfulness and humor will help build the affinity.


Without further ado, here is the detailed walkthrough of the Subaru route:

Chapter 1

  • Choose “Give him a hand.”
  • Choose “Thank him.”

Chapter 2

  • Choose “I’ll find a way to endure it.”
  • Choose “Brush it off.”

Chapter 3

  • Choose “Say his name.”

Chapter 4

  • Choose “I worry about that.”
  • Choose “I’m not sure.”

Chapter 5

  • Choose “It’s a secret.”
  • Choose “Get closer to him.”

Chapter 6

  • Choose “You’re not forcing me to do it.”
  • Choose “Laugh it off.”

Chapter 7

  • Choose “Anchor myself to him.”
  • Choose “Itsuki’s text.”

Chapter 8

  • Choose “Confess your love.”
  • Choose “I’ll stay by your side.”

Chapter 9

  • Choose “Why would I do that?”
  • Choose “But I want to see you.”

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the Subaru route. Remember to choose answers that highlight his playful side and build an affinity with him to unlock all multiple endings.

Multiple Endings Guide

As we mentioned before, the endings are determined by the affinity meter and not entirely dependent on the choices made throughout the route. Here is a brief guide to the different endings:

  • Normal ending: This ending can be obtained if you do not have enough affinity with Subaru.

  • Happy ending: To unlock this ending, you need to reach a certain affinity level with Subaru.

  • Super happy ending: This ending is obtained when you have the highest affinity level with Subaru.

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Additionally, there are sub-endings that offer an alternative storyline with Subaru. To unlock these, you need to select certain choices during the route.


In conclusion, we hope this article has provided you with a comprehensive guide on the Subaru route in Shall We Date’s Cant Say No. Remember to focus on building affinity with Subaru to unlock different endings and sub-endings. Happy gaming!


  1. How many endings does the Subaru route have?
    The Subaru route has three different endings and several sub-endings.

  2. How can I build affinity with Subaru?
    To build an affinity with Subaru, you need to make choices that align with his personality and interests, highlighting his playful and humorous side.

  3. Do I need to build affinity with characters in Shall We Date games?
    Yes, building affinity with characters is crucial in Shall We Date games. It helps unlock different endings and sub-endings.

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