Lower Your Insurance Premiums with Subaru EyeSight Safety System

Are you in the market for a new car and curious about how to lower your insurance rates? Look no further than the Subaru EyeSight safety system! This advanced safety feature not only enhances your driving experience but can also save you money on insurance premiums. Keep reading to learn how.

What is Subaru EyeSight?

Subaru EyeSight is a driver-assistance system that uses two cameras mounted on the windshield, behind the rearview mirror. These cameras constantly scan the road ahead and monitor the position of other vehicles, objects, and pedestrians. The system then alerts the driver to potential collisions and can even apply the brakes if necessary. EyeSight also includes adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning to further enhance your driving safety.

How Does EyeSight Affect Safe Driving?

EyeSight’s advanced safety features work together to keep you and your passengers safe on the road. In addition to collision avoidance, EyeSight can also alert you to vehicles in your blind spots or when you begin to drift out of your lane. The system also includes a pre-collision throttle management feature that reduces engine power if it detects you are about to collide with the vehicle in front of you.

Why Do Insurance Agencies Recognize EyeSight’s Importance?

Insurance companies are always looking for ways to reduce risk. With its advanced safety features, Subaru EyeSight is considered a valuable asset to reducing the risk of accidents. As such, many insurance companies offer discounts for vehicles equipped with EyeSight. USAA is one such insurance provider that recognizes the value of EyeSight.

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Does EyeSight Lower Insurance Rates with USAA?

Yes, USAA offers special discounts for Subaru vehicles equipped with EyeSight. Depending on the state you live in, you could qualify for up to a 10% discount on your insurance premiums. USAA also offers additional discounts for Subaru vehicles with other advanced safety features, such as blind-spot detection, rear cross-traffic alert, and reverse automatic emergency braking.

How Do Insurance Agencies Determine Rates?

Insurance agencies use a complex algorithm to determine rates. A variety of factors are taken into account, such as your age, gender, driving record, location, and more. Vehicle safety is also a significant factor in determining rates, as safer vehicles are less likely to be involved in accidents and result in damages and injuries. By choosing a vehicle equipped with advanced safety features like Subaru EyeSight, you show insurance companies that you are less risky to insure, and therefore, can qualify for lower premiums.


Q: Are there any additional costs associated with Subaru EyeSight?

A: EyeSight comes standard on most new Subaru models. However, some premium features, such as the Blind-Spot Detection and Navigation System, come at an additional cost.

Q: Can EyeSight completely prevent accidents?

A: While EyeSight can alert drivers to potential collisions and assist with avoiding them, it cannot fully take over the responsibility of driving. It is essential to remain aware and alert while driving, even with EyeSight.

Q: Can I retrofit EyeSight onto an older Subaru model?

A: EyeSight cannot be retrofitted onto older Subaru models. It is only available as a factory-installed option on newer models.

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In conclusion, the Subaru EyeSight safety system is an essential asset to safe driving and can also save you money on insurance premiums. With its advanced safety features, EyeSight reduces your risk of accidents and shows insurance companies that you are less risky to insure, resulting in lower rates. Take advantage of this innovative system while also putting money back in your pocket.

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