Is the Subaru Tribeca Still in Production? The Inside Scoop on Subaru’s Discontinued SUV

If you are a Subaru enthusiast or a potential buyer looking to upgrade your vehicle, you may be wondering if Subaru still makes the Tribeca. The Tribeca was first introduced in the United States for the 2006 model year, named after a trendy neighborhood in New York City. It had a smooth, unique look, with three rows of seating and Subaru’s characteristic box-shaped design. But, unfortunately, the Tribeca was discontinued in 2014.

The History of the Tribeca

The Tribeca debuted at the North American International Auto Show in 2005, with a similar design to the B9X concept vehicle. The vehicle was marketed towards families seeking an affordable luxury SUV with ample room and a refined interior. It was only produced in one generation, with three phases from 2006 to 2014.

Despite receiving positive reviews from critics, overall sales of the Tribeca fell short of Subaru’s expectations. The brand only sold around 77,000 units in the United States, making it one of the company’s weakest selling models. Subaru’s 2014 decision to discontinue the Tribeca came as no surprise to many, given its lackluster sales and aging design.

Why Did Subaru Discontinue the Tribeca?

Subaru discontinued the Tribeca due to its poor sales performance and lack of traction with customers. The company also began prioritizing its newer and improved lineup of vehicles, including the Ascent and Forester models. The Tribeca was an expensive investment for Subaru, with a base price of roughly $30,000. Additionally, newer SUV models on the market, like the Toyota Highlander and Honda Pilot, provided customers with similar features and a more competitive price point.

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Will the Tribeca Make a Comeback?

While there is no official word from Subaru on a possible Tribeca comeback, there are rumors that the company is developing a new seven-seat SUV that could become its spiritual successor. The proposed vehicle is expected to have a reworked design and updated features to address the criticisms of the Tribeca while also providing competition in the midsize SUV market segment. However, there is no confirmation yet from Subaru on when the new vehicle will be released to the market.


The Subaru Tribeca, despite its unique design and affordable luxury features, was discontinued in 2014 due to poor sales and underperformance in the competitive SUV market. While Subaru has not yet announced plans for a Tribeca comeback, rumors suggest that the company may release a new seven-seat SUV that could fill the gap left by the Tribeca. If you’re looking to purchase a new SUV, however, the current Subaru lineup still provides excellent options, such as the Ascent and Forester.

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