How to Update Your Subaru Navigation System in Five Easy Steps

As a Subaru owner, you know that having accurate navigation system maps is an essential part of ensuring a smooth ride. Without the latest maps, you could end up on the wrong road, leading to confusion, delays, and even accidents.

Fortunately, updating your Subaru’s navigation system maps is simple and straightforward. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you through the process.

Step One: Check Your Navigation System’s Version

The first step is to check the current version of your Subaru’s navigation system. You can find this information by tapping the ‘Menu’ button on the navigation screen, then selecting ‘Map Update.’ The current version of the maps will appear on the screen.

Step Two: Purchase the Latest Maps

After checking your current version, the next step is to purchase the latest maps from the Subaru website. Subaru releases new maps every year, so check for the latest version available for your specific Subaru model.

You can purchase the latest maps through the Subaru website or a local dealership. Payment and delivery options vary depending on the retailer.

Step Three: Download the Maps

Once you have purchased the new maps, download them to your computer. After downloading, insert a blank SD card or USB drive into your computer, and move the map data to the SD card or USB drive.

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Note that the specific requirements for the file format and minimum capacity vary depending on the Subaru model and the map update method chosen. Check the Subaru website or the update manual for more information on your specific requirements.

Step Four: Install the New Maps

After downloading and formatting the SD card or USB drive, insert it into your Subaru’s navigation system. The system will guide you through the installation process, which should take around 30 minutes to complete.

During the installation process, ensure that the car’s ignition is turned on, and do not turn off the car halfway through the installation. Doing this could result in an incomplete update or damage to the navigation system.

Step Five: Verify the Installation

After the installation process is complete, verify that the new maps are working correctly by checking the version number once more. Test the system by entering a known address or navigating to a familiar location. If the system directs you correctly, the installation was successful.

Troubleshooting Tips

Issue: Navigation system not detecting the SD card or USB drive.

  • Ensure that the card or drive meets the minimum capacity requirements.
  • Format the card or drive as FAT32 or NTFS.
  • Check that the card or drive is inserted correctly and securely.

Issue: Corrupted files or incomplete installation.

  • Repeat the installation process, ensuring that the car’s engine is running throughout the process.
  • Format the card or drive again and repeat the transfer and installation process.

Updating your Subaru’s navigation system maps is an easy and straightforward process that ensures accurate and up-to-date mapping data. With the latest maps, your Subaru will become a more effective and safer mode of transportation.

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