How the ‘Don’t Leave Just Yet’ Subaru Commercial Captured Hearts and Subverted Stereotypes

Have you ever watched a commercial that left you feeling emotionally touched and inspired? The "Don’t Leave Just Yet" Subaru commercial is one of those commercials. It features a father trying to teach his daughter how to drive and letting go of her little by little, culminating in a beautiful scene of her driving off to her own adventure, and him getting a Subaru vehicle himself to keep up with her. But it’s not just the story that sets it apart from regular car commercials. The emotional appeal that "Don’t Leave Just Yet" creates is nothing short of exceptional.

A Brief Background

Subaru has been focusing on brand advertising for the last few years, creating campaigns that focus on emotions and storytelling, rather than heavy product promotion. The "Don’t Leave Just Yet" commercial was released in 2020 as part of this branding initiative. The ad follows the story of a father and daughter teaching her how to drive, ultimately symbolizing the journey life takes us on, and how as people we evolve just as our means of transportation does.

Creative Concept and Emotional Appeal

The creative concept of the commercial lies in the idea of connecting the audience with the brand on an emotional level, making them feel like Subaru understands their values, aspirations, and experiences. The father-daughter bond resonates with people, as everyone has something or someone in their life they can relate it to. The commercial highlights the difficulties of parenting – letting your children go and allowing them to try new things while still being there for them along the way.

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The impact of the commercial lies in its ability to create an emotional appeal that makes the audience feel seen and understood. They feel as though the commercial is speaking directly to them, rather than targeting just any random person. The connection that the audience forms with the brand sets Subaru apart from other car companies, as they create a loyal customer base built from emotions and values.

Brand Image and Subverting Stereotypes

Subaru has always prided itself on being different from other car companies, though it’s never been something that they’ve outright advertised. But with "Don’t Leave Just Yet," they broke free of the expected stereotypes of car commercials, such as showcasing speed, luxury, or practicality, those flashy attributes that traditionally appeal to a customer hoping to show status or power. Instead, Subaru chose to showcase a connection between two people whose love transcends cars. Such a perspective subverts typical hierarchies of the family car, disrupting the common assumption that only flashy cars are exciting and can create emotions. The goal of Subaru is to emphasize the memories and journey that come with owning one of their vehicles, rather than any sort of hierarchy of clients.

Success of the Commercial

The "Don’t Leave Just Yet" commercial was released when COVID-19 had become prevalent around the world. Rather than product promotion, the company’s message feels supportive, encouraging, and optimistic. It came in a moment when many were feeling uncertain about a lot of things, but this commercial brought a ray of hope.Combined with a campaign that prioritizes the environment and social justice, it haswon Subaru accolades as a company with values that align with those their youngest, more environmentally-conscious customers share.

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The commercial’s emotional appeal and its subversion of traditional car advertising has proved successful for the brand. Not only has it generated positive feedback from customers and advertising critics, but it has also helped to boost Subaru’s sales. This campaign has proven that targeting one’s audience through emotions, authentic branding, and simplicity can lead to a successful marketing campaign.


Was the "Don’t Leave Just Yet" commercial successful?

Yes. The success of the commercial lies in its ability to create an emotional appeal that makes the audience feel seen and understood. They feel as though the commercial is speaking directly to them, building personal connections beyond the vehicle purchase. Combined with Subaru’s clear value hierarchy and innovative brand advertising campaigns, it proves that simplicity can lead to a successful marketing campaign.

Why did Subaru choose to break free from the traditional advertising stereotypes?

Subaru has always positioned itself as different, not following the traditional route of car advertising. The commercial marked a further deviation from the norm, as they wanted to show the emotional connection between humans and cars that everyone can relate to. Rather than highlighting practicality or prestige, as commonly seen in such campaigns, manufacturers aimed to connect with the audience on an emotional level and align their values with those of the consumers.

In Conclusion

Subaru’s "Don’t Leave Just Yet" commercial is a perfect example of how brand advertising through emotion and storytelling can effectively subvert stereotypes, build customer loyalty, and have a measure of success. By tapping into the emotional aspect of audience appeal, Subaru has proven that the car industry can focus less on the features or prestige but more so on the human experience of owning and operating one’s car. The commercial left a remarkable impression, ultimately capturing hearts of individuals worldwide and solidifying Subaru’s values-driven branding campaign.

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