How Subaru Conquered the Global Automotive Market with Eco-Friendly Cars

Subaru is a car brand that has been around for decades, while it may not have the instant brand recognition of other automotive giants like Mercedes-Benz or Toyota, it has carved out a niche for itself in the industry. The brand receives a lot of praise for its safety features, standard all-wheel drive systems, and reliability. However, many people may not be aware of the worldwide reach and global success of the brand. In this article, we’ll explore Subaru’s past, present, and future as a global automotive brand.

The History of Subaru

Subaru was founded in 1953 in Japan and is part of the larger Fuji Heavy Industries group. The brand’s first car model was called the P-1, which had an air-cooled 4-cylinder engine and could reach a top speed of 62 miles per hour. This model was followed by the iconic Subaru 360 in 1958, which is considered to be the brand’s first mass-produced car. Fast forward to today, Subaru has surpassed its humble beginnings and evolved into a global brand that produces an array of impressive vehicle models.

Subaru: A Global Presence

Most people acknowledge Subaru as a Japanese car brand, but it is a truly global company. Subaru has country offices and manufacturing plants throughout the world, from Europe to the United States. Currently, Subaru operates in over 90 countries worldwide and has 15 major manufacturing plants – the largest being in Indiana, USA. In 2019, Subaru produced over one million vehicles from these manufacturing plants, with approximately 700,000 of those made in Japan and approximately 400,000 in the United States.

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Subaru’s Model Lineup

Subaru is recognized for its wide range of models, from compact cars to crossovers and SUVs. The Subaru Impreza is a popular compact car, and the Subaru Outback is a well-known family SUV. Beyond these models, Subaru has a range of high-performance and specialty cars, including the WRX and STI technology. The 2021 Subaru Crosstrek is among the most recent releases from Subaru and is a popular crossover SUV model, boasting an impressive 8.7-inch ground clearance, standard all-wheel drive, and a hybrid version. There is a Subaru model for most budgets and lifestyles, with prices ranging from around $20,000 for a base model Subaru Impreza to over $40,000 for the luxury-level Ascent.

Subaru’s Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Subaru’s eco-friendly initiatives are one of the main reasons the brand has gained recognition. The company has been able to produce cars that are efficient with fuel and contribute to a greener planet. Subaru has made it a priority to develop and implement eco-friendly technology into its vehicles, ensuring that its impact on the environment is minimal. One of the ways Subaru does this is by introducing models with partial or full electric power, such as the Crosstrek hybrid. The brand also promotes the use of recycled materials in their cars, which reduces waste in production and benefits the planet.

Why Choose Subaru?

It is hard to deny Subaru’s success as a global brand. As already mentioned, it is present in over 90 countries, produces a vast array of models, and develops eco-friendly technology. It’s standard tracking systems, such as EyeSight Driver Assist technology, also make Subaru’s cars a favored adoptive for drivers who seek non-compromise safety measures. Still considering why you should choose a Subaru? Subaru has earned a reputation for being a reliable vehicle, offering their drivers confidence and peace of mind. In Consumer Reports’ most recent study on automaker reliability, Subaru was ranked as the most reliable automaker, outranking 29 other manufacturers.

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Q: What is EyeSight technology?

A: EyeSight technology is an advanced driver-assist technology developed by Subaru. This technology utilizes stereo cameras located at the front of the car to identify other vehicles and objects on the road, and then automatically engages safety systems like braking and throttle control to help drivers avoid accidents.

Q: How does Subaru compare to other car brands?

A: Subaru stands out from the competition by offering standard all-wheel drive on almost every model and creating cars that are safe and reliable. Subaru is well-respected for its innovative thinking and willingness to handle new challenges.

In conclusion, Subaru has proven to be a global automotive brand with its success throughout the auto industry. Subaru’s commitment to safety, reliability, and eco-friendly initiatives is admirable and continues to earn its brand loyal advocates worldwide.

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