How Many Times Did Subaru Die in Re:Zero Season 1?

Discover the Shocking Truth Behind Subaru’s Tragic Fate in the Fantasy Anime World!

If you are a fan of the anime series "Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World," you must be familiar with the character Subaru and his struggle in the parallel world. The protagonist’s ability to return from death and start anew is one of the show’s most engaging elements. During season 1, Subaru’s countless deaths were a staple source of drama and tension in the plot. So, how many times did Subaru die in season 1, and what events led to these tragic deaths?

The Deaths of Subaru

Subaru’s unfortunate ability of return by death, also known as "Respawn," proved vital to surviving in the parallel universe. Still, it couldn’t save him from the numerous tumultuous deaths throughout the first season. In total, Subaru died eleven times in season 1, often in gruesome ways.

The story starts with Subaru finding himself stranded in a fantasy world with the ability to reverse time after dying. He has no idea how he ended up there or who summoned him. Soon, Subaru gets caught up in a series of dark events and meets various characters, including Emilia, a silver-haired half-elf who becomes his love interest.

Subaru’s first death occurs when he tries to save Emilia from attackers, only to be killed by a magical force he doesn’t understand. Subaru then dies four times attempting to uncover the identity of Emilia’s attacker, now known as The Bowel Hunter. He relentlessly tries to figure out a way to keep Emilia safe, but his lack of knowledge about the parallel world constantly puts him in harm’s way.

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Subaru repeatedly dies in excruciating ways like being beaten to death, decapitated, and being devoured repeatedly by demon beasts. The show does not hold back in portraying the horrific reality of death, contributing to the fantasy drama’s overall intensity and darkness.

The Impact of Death

Subaru’s return-by-death ability, while useful in surviving, exacts an enormous emotional toll on his character. Each death leaves him psychologically scarred and traumatized, leading to his character’s development and evolution throughout the season.

The deaths also impact the story, adding layers and dimensions to the plot that would be impossible without the parallel universe’s existence. Subaru’s deaths are often a catalyst for further development in the story, as he uses his knowledge of past lives to choose a different path and change the outcome of certain events.

Moreover, the show’s portrayal of the parallel universe’s rules and consequences keeps the audience on their toes and yearning for more. With each death, the story becomes increasingly intricate and layered, keeping viewers glued to their screens.


Q1. How did Subaru’s ability to return by death work?

A1. Each time Subaru dies, he is reborn at a specific moment in the past. This moment is usually the most recent significant event, allowing him to make changes to avert his death.

Q2. Was there a limit to the number of times Subaru could die?

A2. There is no definitive answer to this question. The story does not explicitly state a limit, but the repeated emotional toll on Subaru’s psyche suggests that there is a limit.

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Q3. How did Subaru use his return-by-death ability to change the story’s outcome?

A3. In various instances, Subaru was able to retain information from his past lives and modify his behavior to produce a different outcome. This ability is pivotal to Subaru and Emilia’s survival in the parallel universe.


The first season of "Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World" was a thrilling and emotional series that avidly united its teenage and young adult viewership. Subaru’s constant deaths were a vital element in the story’s development, as they drove the plot forward, developed Subaru’s character, and added to the show’s dark and intense themes. For those looking forward to the second season, let’s prepare ourselves to witness Subaru’s fate in the ongoing arc.

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