How Many Times Did Subaru Die in Re:Zero? Exploring the Significance of His Constant Deaths

Fans of the anime Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World are well aware of the main character, Subaru Natsuki, and his journey of life and death. Subaru, an ordinary teenager from Japan, ends up in a parallel world populated by magical creatures. As the story unfolds, Subaru faces horrifying challenges, and his remarkable ability to resurrect every time he dies becomes his strongest weapon. But how many times did Subaru die in the anime series, and why were his deaths significant for the plot?

The Number of Times Subaru Died

Subaru dies a total of 11 times throughout the anime series. Although some of his deaths only lasted for a few moments, others lasted for much longer. Each time Subaru dies, he wakes up in a specific location – the place where he first arrived in the parallel world. However, every time he resurrects, Subaru retains the memory of his previous lives, giving him an advantage in devising strategies and finding solutions to the challenges he faces.

The Reason Behind His Deaths

Subaru suffers different types of deaths, including being killed by enemies, accidents, and even committing suicide. However, the most significant cause of his death is his blind trust in his ability to reset his life. As the story progresses, he realizes that his ability comes at a cost, and each time he dies, he loses something essential to him, such as his sanity or his loved ones. Subaru’s deaths also have consequences for other characters, as some of them die because of his actions or failures.

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The Impact of His Deaths on the Storyline

Subaru’s frequent deaths not only help him grow as a character, but they also play a crucial role in shaping the plot. They introduce new villainous characters and reveal unexpected twists and turns in the story. Additionally, Subaru’s deaths create suspense, as the audience wonders whether he will be able to overcome the next challenge or if it will be the end of him. His deaths also deepen the relationships between characters, as they learn to rely on each other in the face of danger.

The Significance of His Death for Character Development

Subaru’s deaths are significant because they bring about a profound transformation in his character. He starts as an overconfident and self-centered teenager who believes that everything will work out in his favor. However, his repeated deaths make him realize the fragility of life, the importance of working with others, and the need to sacrifice himself for the greater good. Subaru’s character arc is a testament to the power of facing and overcoming adversity, no matter how insurmountable it seems.

Fan Theories Surrounding His Deaths

Many fan theories speculate about the true nature of Subaru’s ability to resurrect. Some argue that Subaru’s ability to come back to life is not unique and that other characters in the series have similar or even stronger abilities. Others claim that Subaru is not the only person who can reset his life and point to the existence of the Witch of Envy as evidence. While these are only theories, they add to the overall excitement and mystery surrounding the anime.

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Subaru Natsuki’s journey in Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World is an epic adventure full of twists, turns, and deaths. Although Subaru dies multiple times, his ability to resurrect and retain his previous memories gives him an edge over his foes. His deaths are not a mere plot device but an integral part of his character development and the storyline. As Subaru faces new challenges and makes new friends and enemies, fans eagerly await the next episode to see what fate has in store for him.


Q: Can Subaru die for real?

A: While Subaru cannot die permanently, his repeated deaths take a toll on his physical and mental health, making it increasingly difficult for him to continue fighting.

Q: What is the significance of Subaru’s return location?

A: The return location serves as a checkpoint for Subaru. Whenever he dies, he is transported back to that location, and from there, he can continue his journey. Additionally, Subaru’s return location is critical for revealing new plot points and introducing new characters.

Q: How many episodes are there in the anime series?

A: The anime series has 25 episodes in total released so far.

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