From the Land of the Rising Sun: The Fascinating History of Subaru’s Origins

Subaru is a well-known car brand, loved for its reliability and performance. But how much do we really know about the origins of this Japanese car manufacturer? In this article, we will delve into the history of Subaru, including when it was founded, where it was founded, and why it was founded.

The Origins of Subaru

Subaru was founded in 1953 in Japan, in the city of Tokyo. The company was originally known as the Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd and was established as a result of a merger between 5 companies. The founder of Subaru, Kenji Kita, had a vision of creating a car that would be that would be suitable for Japan’s rough terrain and harsh weather conditions. With this goal in mind, Subaru started producing its first car, the Subaru 1500.

The Significance of Subaru’s Location

Located in Tokyo, the headquarters of Subaru is in the perfect geographic location for a car company. Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, is where most of the significant business activities in Japan take place. The city is home to a vast number of international companies, research institutes, and universities, and this environment has attracted many skilled engineers and designers.

Subaru has also built its factories and research centers in the same location as its headquarters, taking full advantage of the skilled workforce that is available in the city.

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The Early Years of Subaru

In the early years, Subaru focussed on designing cars that would be suited for Japan’s rough terrain. The first car, the Subaru 1500, proved to be very popular in Japan. The company continued to grow and expand its range of cars, gaining popularity in other parts of the world.

In the 1960s, Subaru developed its first small car, the Subaru 360. This car’s small size and good fuel efficiency made it popular in Japan, a country with limited space and high petrol prices. The 360 was also Subaru’s first car to be exported, initially to Asian and Australian markets.

Milestones and Achievements

Over the years, Subaru has recorded many significant milestones and achievements. One of the most notable being the introduction of the All-Wheel Drive (AWD) in 1972 integrated into the Subaru Leone 4WD Estate Van. This AWD system was a breakthrough in car history and has since become standard in most Subaru vehicles.

In more recent years, the Outback and the Forester have proven to be Subaru’s most popular models in the USA, accounting for almost half of the company’s total sales in the country.


Who founded Subaru?

Subaru was founded by Kenji Kita on July 15, 1953.

Where was Subaru founded?

Subaru was founded in Tokyo, Japan.

Why was Subaru founded?

Subaru was founded with the aim of creating cars that would be suitable for Japan’s rough terrain and harsh weather conditions.


Subaru’s history is one of innovation and a commitment to designing cars that are suitable for various terrains. Although the company has faced many challenges over the years, particularly in the case of the 2008 financial crisis, it has continued to maintain a loyal following of customers who appreciate its reliability and performance. Today, Subaru is a hugely successful company globally, due in no small part to the vision of Kenji Kita, who founded the company over 6 decades ago.

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