From Cars to Cuts: The Legacy of Subaru Lawn Mowers

If you’re a fan of Subaru cars, you may be wondering if the company also manufactures lawn mowers. Although Subaru is famous for its vehicles, it has a lesser-known history in the world of mowers. In this article, we will discuss Subaru’s history with producing mowers, whether or not they currently manufacture them, the pros and cons of owning a Subaru mower, and how they stack up against competitors in terms of quality and reliability.

The History of Subaru Mowers

Subaru started producing mowers in the 1970s, and in the following decade, they started producing mowers in partnership with Fugi Heavy Industries, a subsidiary of Subaru. These mowers were designed for commercial use and were highly regarded for their quality and durability. In the 1990s, Subaru expanded its mower production and developed a wide range of mowers for both the commercial and residential markets.

Subaru’s Current Mower Production

As of 2021, it appears that Subaru is no longer producing lawn mowers. The company has shifted its focus to making cars and SUVs, and there is no indication that it will return to producing mowers any time soon. However, if you’re interested in purchasing a used Subaru mower, there are still a few models available on the market.

The Pros and Cons of Owning a Subaru Mower

Subaru mowers were highly regarded for their quality, reliability, and durability. They were built to withstand the wear and tear of commercial use and were designed with fuel efficiency and user safety in mind. They also featured engines that were specifically designed for use in mowers, which meant they had excellent power and performance.

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However, one drawback of owning a Subaru mower is that they may be difficult to repair or find parts for, due to their limited availability on the market. Additionally, they may be a bit more expensive than other brands due to their reputation for quality.

How Subaru Mowers Compare to Competitors

Subaru has always been known for its commitment to quality and reliability, and their mowers are no exception. However, there are other brands in the market that are also known for their quality mowers, such as Honda and Toro.

Honda mowers are known for their fuel efficiency and low emissions. They also have excellent power and performance, and are highly rated for their ease of use and durability. Toro mowers also have excellent power and performance, and are highly regarded for their precision and cutting ability.


1. Does Subaru still manufacture mowers? As of 2021, there is no indication that Subaru is currently manufacturing mowers.

2. Were Subaru mowers reliable? Yes, Subaru mowers were known for their reliability, quality, and durability.

3. How do Subaru mowers compare to competitors? Subaru mowers are highly rated for their quality, but other brands such as Honda and Toro are also known for their quality mowers.


Although Subaru is no longer producing mowers, their legacy in the industry is one of quality and reliability. If you’re in the market for a used mower and come across a Subaru model, it may be worth looking into due to their reputation for quality. However, keep in mind that finding parts or getting repairs done may be more difficult than with other brands that are more readily available.

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