Exploring the Tragic Death of Subaru in Episode 4 of Re:Zero: What Went Wrong?

If you are a fan of anime series, Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World," you are likely no stranger to the emotional rollercoaster the series takes you on. The beloved protagonist, Subaru, has already faced numerous challenges and obstacles in the first few episodes. Still, nothing could have prepared us for the gut-wrenching ending of episode 4, where we witness Subaru’s untimely death. In this article, we will explore how Subaru died in episode 4, what led to it, and what it means for the future of the series.

How did Subaru Die in Episode 4?

Towards the end of episode 4, we see Subaru returning to the place where he first arrived in the other world. Unfortunately, he is unaware that an unknown assailant has been stalking him and waiting to make their move. Subaru is ambushed and brutally murdered, leading to one of the most shocking and emotional scenes in the series.

What Led to Subaru’s Death?

Several factors led to Subaru’s tragic death in episode 4. While Subaru may have been an endearing and charismatic character, he had his flaws. His overconfidence and lack of awareness of the situation led him to walk right into the trap set up by his unknown assailant. Furthermore, his stubbornness and unwillingness to listen to the advice of others, such as Rem and Ram, played a significant part in his downfall.

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It was later revealed that the culprit was actually Elsa Granhiert, a hitman hired by an unknown party who was after the insignia he had found. Elsa was cunning, skilled, and able to blend into the surroundings with ease, making it difficult for Subaru to realize he was being followed. Her ultimate aim was to retrieve the insignia by any means necessary, including killing Subaru.

How Does Subaru’s Death Fit into the Broader Narrative of the Series?

Subaru’s death in episode 4 was heartbreaking, but it also had significant implications for the series. It served as a reminder that the world Subaru found himself in was dangerous and full of unknown dangers. It also demonstrated that Subaru’s optimism and resilience could only take him so far and that he would need to learn how to survive in this new world.

The repercussions of Subaru’s death were felt throughout the rest of the series, with his efforts continually thwarted by the enemy parties that sought to capture him. It also demonstrated the brutality of the series and indicated that this world could be dangerous for anyone, even the seemingly invincible protagonist, Subaru.


1. Will Subaru return after his death?

Yes, Subaru will return after his death. However, each time he dies, he is transported back to a checkpoint earlier in the timeline.

2. Why did Elsa target Subaru?

Elsa Granhiert was hired by an unknown party to retrieve the insignia that Subaru had found. The party believed that Subaru knew too much and that he could compromise their plans.

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3. What is the significance of the insignia?

The insignia Subaru found was a symbol of the alliance between the Emilia faction and the Crusch faction. It was a powerful and valuable item in the context of Re:Zero’s world.


Subaru’s death in episode 4 of Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World was a significant event in the series. It was tragic and unexpected but helped to demonstrate the dangers of this new world and served as a wake-up call for Subaru. While his death may have been heartbreaking, it ultimately helped to move the story forward and provided crucial insights into the world’s workings. Hopefully, this article helped you understand how Subaru died in episode 4 and what it means for the broader narrative of Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World.

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