Exploring the Advanced Features of Subaru Starlink: Is It Worth the Upgrade?

Are you interested in purchasing a new Subaru vehicle or upgrading your existing one? One feature that you might come across while exploring your options is the Subaru Starlink system. This in-car connectivity system boasts of a range of advanced features that promise to enhance your driving experience. But is it worth the upgrade? In this article, we will dive into the world of Subaru Starlink and explore its features, benefits, and user experiences to help you make an informed decision.

What is Subaru Starlink?

Subaru Starlink is an in-car connectivity and entertainment system that is available in all new Subaru vehicles. It provides access to a range of features and services that are designed to enhance safety, convenience, and entertainment while driving. The system can be accessed via the infotainment touchscreen display, voice commands, or the steering wheel controls, making it easy to use and navigate.

The Features Included in Subaru Starlink

Subaru Starlink includes several features and services that are designed to make your driving experience more connected, convenient, and safe. Some of the most notable features include:

  • Navigation: Subaru Starlink provides access to a cloud-based navigation system that includes real-time traffic updates, route planning, and turn-by-turn directions. The system can also help you locate points of interest such as gas stations, restaurants, and parking spots.

  • Safety Features: Subaru Starlink includes a range of safety features that are designed to help prevent accidents and keep you safe on the road. These features include automatic collision notification, SOS emergency assistance, roadside assistance, and stolen vehicle recovery.

  • Hands-Free Operation: With Subaru Starlink, you can keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road while still accessing some of the system’s features. You can use voice commands to make phone calls, send text messages, play music, and more.

  • Cloud-Based Services: Subaru Starlink includes several cloud-based services such as news, weather, and sports updates, as well as remote engine start, vehicle locator, and remote lock and unlock.

  • Entertainment: Subaru Starlink provides access to a range of entertainment features such as Bluetooth audio streaming, AM/FM/HD radio, Pandora, Aha, and iHeartRadio. The system also includes Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration, allowing you to seamlessly access your favorite apps from your smartphone.

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The Convenience and Safety Benefits of Using Starlink

By incorporating advanced technology and connectivity features, Subaru Starlink provides several benefits to its users. Some of the most significant advantages include:

  • Enhanced Safety: Subaru Starlink’s safety features, such as automatic collision notification and SOS emergency assistance, can provide peace of mind while driving. In the event of an accident or emergency, the system can automatically alert emergency services and provide your location, enabling a faster response time.

  • Convenience: With Subaru Starlink’s hands-free operation and cloud-based services, you can stay connected and informed without taking your hands off the wheel. You can make phone calls, send messages, check weather updates, and more, all with voice commands.

  • Entertainment: Whether you’re commuting to work or embarking on a road trip, Subaru Starlink’s entertainment options can keep you engaged and entertained. You can stream music, listen to podcasts, and even access your favorite apps, all from your vehicle’s infotainment system.

The Reliability and Accuracy of Starlink

One common concern with in-car connectivity systems is their reliability and accuracy. After all, there’s nothing more frustrating than a system that doesn’t work when you need it to. However, according to many user reviews, Subaru Starlink is generally reliable and accurate. The system’s navigation works well, providing accurate turn-by-turn directions and real-time traffic updates. The hands-free operation is also reliable, with users reporting minimal issues with voice recognition.

The Differences Between Different Versions of Starlink

Subaru Starlink is available in several different versions, each with varying features and capabilities. The standard version of Starlink includes many of the basic features we’ve mentioned above, such as hands-free operation and cloud-based services. However, higher-end Subaru models may include upgraded versions of Starlink that offer additional features such as a larger touchscreen display, premium audio systems, and more advanced safety features.

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User Experiences and Reviews with Starlink

Many Subaru customers have reported positive experiences with Starlink. They praise the system for its easy-to-use interface, accurate navigation, and convenient hands-free operation. However, some users have also reported minor issues, such as occasional connectivity problems or difficulty with voice commands. These issues may vary depending on the specific version of Starlink and the vehicle model, so it’s essential to research user reviews discussing the specific version you’re interested in.

Comparisons with Other In-Vehicle Connectivity Systems in the Market

When considering whether to upgrade to Subaru Starlink, it’s essential to compare it with other in-vehicle connectivity systems currently available in the market. Some of the most popular systems include Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Ford’s SYNC system. While each system has its advantages and drawbacks, Subaru Starlink is generally praised for its reliability, ease of use, and advanced features such as cloud-based services and hands-free operation.


What Subaru models come with Starlink?

All new Subaru models come equipped with Starlink as a standard feature.

Does Starlink require a subscription?

Starlink does require a subscription, with pricing varying depending on the specific package and features included.

How do I set up and use Starlink?

Setting up and using Starlink is simple and straightforward. You can access the system via the infotainment display, voice commands, or the steering wheel controls. If you’re having trouble, consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual or contact Subaru customer support for assistance.


Subaru Starlink is an advanced in-car connectivity and entertainment system that offers a range of features and benefits to drivers. From cloud-based services to hands-free operation and advanced safety features, Starlink can enhance your driving experience in many ways. While some users have reported minor issues, the system, in general, is reliable, easy to use, and packed with advanced features. If you’re considering purchasing a new Subaru vehicle or upgrading your existing one, it may be worth considering the benefits that Starlink can offer.

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