Crucial For Every Driver: Discover How Subaru Forester AVH System Enhances Your Driving Experience

If you are in the market for a new SUV, or already own a Subaru Forester, then you may have heard about the AVH system. This feature sets the Forester apart from other SUVs on the market, and for good reason. The Adaptive Vehicle Hold (AVH) system is a technology feature designed to enhance driving safety and comfort for drivers in different scenarios. In this article, we will cover what the AVH system does, how it works, and the benefits it provides for Subaru Forester drivers.

What is the AVH system?

The AVH system is a new safety feature in the Subaru Forester that holds the vehicle in place momentarily after the driver stops the car. This means that when you stop on a steep hill, you release the brake pedal, and the car remains in place to offer the driver time to manipulate the accelerator pedal and initiate a smooth acceleration. The AVH system is designed to work in conjunction with the SUV’s brake system, allowing the driver to activate it when coming to a stop while the vehicle is on an incline.

How does it work?

The AVH system detects the intensity of the incline upon which the Forester is stopped by sensing the angle of the car’s sloping physique utilizing the wheel speed sensors. It, therefore, activates when the driver brakes the car after driving on an upward incline, and then it applies the brakes momentarily and continues to hold the car automatically when the brake pedal is released. To avoid rollback, the system maintains the brake for a moment after the driver releases the brake pedal. Once the heated brake pressure has reduced, the car starts moving forward.

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Benefits of the AVH system

The AVH system is an excellent feature for drivers who frequently drive in hilly areas. The technology feature provides the following benefits:

1. Improved driving safety

The AVH system holds the vehicle in place, providing drivers with an extra few seconds, which is crucial in manual transmission cars because the driver needs time to manipulate the accelerator and the brake pedals accurately. This means there is no risk of rollback when the driver moves their foot from the brake to the accelerator while driving on a steep hill. In addition, this feature ensures stability when accelerating after stopping on a steep slope.

2. Enhanced driving comfort

The AVH system enhances driving comfort by reducing stress and leg fatigue as the driver waits at traffic lights or stop sign on hills or inclined surfaces. You no longer have to hold the brake pedal down, and there is no tension that the car will roll backward.

3. Efficient in different driving situations

AVH technology is an exceptional feature for everyone, from those who drive daily on busy roads to individuals who drive on uneven and steep terrain. The system activates when the driver brakes the car on a steep slope, can activate when in park, and can be turned on and off with ease making it versatile for different driving situations.

Modes of the AVH system

The AVH system comes with different modes that come in handy in different driving conditions.

1. Auto Hold Mode

This mode holds the car in place when the driver comes to a stop and releases the brake pedal. The feature is beneficial in stop-and-go traffic, on steep inclines, or when starting off from a traffic light or stop sign.

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2. Hill Start Assist

This mode is available for manual transmission models and makes starting on a slope much easier. It automatically applies the brake when the brake pedal is released, preventing the car from rolling backward.

3. Park Hold

This mode engages the parking brake automatically when the transmission is in park, making it easy to park on a slope. With the AVH system, there is no need to press the parking brake button.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is the AVH system only available on the top trim level?
A1. No, the AVH system is available on all 2021 Forester trim levels.

Q2. How do I activate and deactivate the AVH system?
A2. The AVH system is turned on and off with ease from the main menu using the infotainment screen.

Q3. Can the AVH system detect and adjust for different degrees of incline?
A3. Yes, the AVH system detects the severity of the slope and adjusts accordingly.


In conclusion, the AVH system is a significant feature that sets the Subaru Forester apart from its competitors. It enhances the overall driving experience, provides increased safety and comfort, and operates efficiently in various driving situations. This system integrates seamlessly with the Forester’s brake system, making driving a seamless and effortless experience. With the AVH system, Subaru Forester drivers can drive with confidence and ease, even on the most challenging and demanding routes.

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