Are Toyota and Subaru Rims Interchangeable? The Ultimate Guide to Upgrading Your Wheels

If you are a car enthusiast, you may be wondering if you can upgrade your Toyota or Subaru rims with ones from the other manufacturer. It’s a common question, as both brands have a reputation for producing quality cars and rims. Read on to find out if Toyota and Subaru rims are interchangeable and what you need to know before making the switch.

Toyota Rims vs Subaru Rims

Before we dive in, we need to understand what makes Toyota and Subaru rims different. Rims are not a one-size-fits-all component; they vary in diameter, width, bolt pattern, and center bore size, among other factors. Toyota rims are designed specifically for Toyota models, while Subaru rims are designed specifically for Subaru models. This means that the technical specifications of each brand’s rims may not match, making them incompatible with each other.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Switching Rims

The benefits of switching rims include improving the appearance of your car, upgrading performance, and increasing wheel size. For example, switch to Toyota rims on your Subaru model could give it a sportier, more aggressive look that matches your personal taste. Upgrading to larger rims can also improve handling and make your car’s brakes more efficient. On the other hand, there are drawbacks to switching rims, such as increased costs and potential compatibility issues.

Technical Specifications

To better understand whether Toyota and Subaru rims are interchangeable, we need to look at their technical specifications. Toyota rims come in various sizes, ranging from 15 to 20 inches in diameter and 6 to 9 inches in width. They feature a 5 or 6 bolt pattern and center bore size ranging from 54.1 to 67.1 mm. Subaru rims, on the other hand, come in sizes ranging from 16 to 18 inches in diameter and 6.5 to 8 inches in width. They feature a 5×100 bolt pattern and a center bore size of 56.1 mm.

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From the technical specifications mentioned above, it’s clear that Toyota and Subaru rims are not interchangeable. The bolt pattern and center bore size difference are too significant to make a switch possible without additional modifications.

Compatibility Issues

Attempting to use Toyota rims on your Subaru or vice versa may lead to compatibility issues. For example, if you try to mount a wheel with a different bolt pattern, it may not attach securely, leading to vibration and instability at high speeds. It could also cause damage to the brakes and suspension, leading to further complications.


Q: Can I use aftermarket rims on my Toyota or Subaru?
A: Yes, you can, but you must ensure that the technical specifications of the rims match the manufacturer’s recommendations. Otherwise, you may encounter compatibility issues.

Q: What do I need to know before upgrading my rims?
A: You should research the technical specifications required for your car model and choose a reputable manufacturer. You should also be prepared for the increased cost of upgrading.

Q: Is it safe to use spacers to make Toyota or Subaru rims interchangeable?
A: While you can use spacers to make rim size and bolt pattern compatible, it’s not recommended as it adds additional stress to the wheel and can lead to safety issues.


In conclusion, we have learned that Toyota and Subaru rims are not interchangeable due to differences in bolt pattern and center bore size. Attempting to switch rims could cause compatibility issues, damage to your car’s suspension and brakes, and potentially lead to accidents. However, you can still upgrade your rims by choosing reputable aftermarket rims that meet the technical specifications required by your car model.

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