Are Subarus Expensive to Maintain? The Surprising Truth About Subaru Maintenance Costs

Subaru cars are renowned for their reliability, practicality, and performance. They are often favored by car enthusiasts and first-time car owners who are looking for a car that can withstand various road conditions while still providing a comfortable driving experience. However, one of the most common concerns that potential Subaru owners have is the cost of maintaining a Subaru. In this article, we will explore the costs associated with owning a Subaru and answer the question: are Subarus expensive to maintain?

Regular Maintenance Tasks

All cars require regular maintenance to ensure that they operate at their best. Subaru cars are no exception, but the good news is that their maintenance costs are relatively low compared to other car brands. The average cost of a regular oil change for a Subaru is around $75, which is similar to other car brands. Tire rotations are also affordable, with an average cost of $40-$60.

Common Repairs and Their Costs

While Subarus are generally reliable cars, some repairs can be more costly than regular maintenance tasks. For example, replacing a Subaru head gasket can cost between $1,500 and $3,000, and the CV joint replacement can cost between $400 and $900. However, these repairs are not unique to Subaru cars and can occur in other car brands as well.

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Expected Lifespan of Subaru Models and Their Parts

The lifespan of Subaru models and their parts can vary depending on the year and model of the car. Typically, Subarus are designed to last for at least 200,000 miles with proper maintenance. Parts such as brakes and tires will need to be replaced more frequently than parts such as engines and transmissions. It’s essential to follow the recommended maintenance schedule to ensure the longevity of your Subaru.

Costs of Parts and Labor for Repairs

The cost of parts and labor for Subaru repairs can vary depending on the location and complexity of the repair. Some repairs require specialized equipment and knowledge that can increase the cost of labor. However, Subaru cars are common in many areas and have various aftermarket parts that can be less expensive than OEM parts.

Comparison of Subaru Maintenance Costs to Other Car Brands

Compared to other car brands, Subaru’s maintenance costs are relatively affordable. According to RepairPal, Subaru ranks #4 in the 10 most reliable car brands in terms of repair and maintenance costs. It’s essential to note that maintenance costs can vary depending on the model, year, and location of the vehicle.

Tips for Reducing Maintenance Costs

There are several ways to reduce the maintenance costs of a Subaru, as well as any other car brand. Regular maintenance, such as oil changes and tire rotations, can prevent more expensive repairs. It’s also crucial to avoid neglecting smaller repairs and addressing them before they become more complicated and costly. DIY repairs can save costs, but only attempt repairs if you have the necessary knowledge and tools.

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So, are Subarus expensive to maintain? The answer is no, not compared to other car brands. While some repairs can be more costly than regular maintenance tasks, Subaru cars are built to last with proper care and maintenance. Maintaining regular service intervals and addressing repairs promptly can prevent more expensive repairs down the line. With their high reliability and relatively low cost of maintenance, Subaru cars are an excellent investment for car enthusiasts, first-time car owners, and anyone who values practicality and performance.


Q: Is it cheaper to maintain a Subaru than other car brands?
A: Compared to other car brands, Subaru’s maintenance costs are generally affordable and similar to other brands.

Q: Do Subaru cars require more maintenance than other cars?
A: No, Subaru cars are designed to require regular maintenance, just like any other car brand.

Q: What is the most expensive repair to perform on a Subaru?
A: The most expensive repair for a Subaru is typically a head gasket replacement, which can cost between $1,500 and $3,000.

Q: Can I reduce my Subaru’s maintenance costs?
A: Yes, by maintaining regular service intervals, addressing repairs promptly, and avoiding neglecting small repairs.

Q: How long can a Subaru last with proper maintenance?
A: Subaru cars can last for at least 200,000 miles with proper maintenance.

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