The Ultimate Guide to Subaru Outback Colors: Which One Is Right for You?

Subaru Outback is a beloved SUV for many car enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers. It has a reputation for being reliable, versatile, and rugged. Another great feature of the Subaru Outback is the wide range of colors available to choose from. In this article, we will guide you through all the color options for the Subaru Outback and what each color connotes.

Subaru Outback Colors

The Subaru Outback currently comes in ten different color options. Six of them are standard colors, while the other four are limited edition colors. Below is a table of all the colors available for the current model year with a brief description of each color option.

Color Name Description
Abyss Blue Pearl A deep, rich blue that gives off a classic and refined look
Autumn Green Metallic A hunter green tone that exudes a natural and earthy vibe
Crystal Black Silica A sleek and modern black color that is highly polished
Crimson Red Pearl A bright and dynamic red that makes the car stand out
Crystal White Pearl A pearly white that is timeless and elegant
Magnetite Gray Metallic A dark silver that gives off a high-tech and utilitarian vibe
Wilderness Green Metallic A limited edition color, which is a forest green that is adventurous and outdoorsy
Autumn Orange Metallic Another limited edition color, this is a vibrant orange that is playful and sporty
Ice Silver Metallic A classic silver that is sharp and modern
Horizon Blue Pearl A dusty blue that is calming and serene.
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Limited Edition Colors

Limited edition colors are only available for certain model years and in limited quantities. Subaru tries to bring something new with each limited edition color, and so far, all of them have been hits among car enthusiasts. For instance, the Wilderness Green Metallic and Autumn Orange Metallic were introduced as limited edition colors in 2020, and they quickly became quite popular. The limited-edition colors are a great choice for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

Significance of Car Colors

Car colors have significance beyond just aesthetics. Different colors connote different meanings, and they can say a lot about the car owner and their style. For instance, black cars are associated with luxury and prestige, while white cars are often associated with purity and modernity. According to a 2019 report by, the most popular car color in the US is white, followed by black and gray.

In terms of the Subaru Outback, the Abyss Blue Pearl and Horizon Blue Pearl can suggest elegance, while Autumn Green Metallic and Wilderness Green Metallic can imply a love for nature and the outdoors. Crystal Black Silica can convey sophistication, while Crimson Red Pearl can hint at a bold and confident personality. The Crystal White Pearl and Ice Silver Metallic are perfect for those who want a classic and versatile car color.

Subaru Outback Color Trends

Subaru Outback color trends vary from year to year. The current trend seems to be leaning towards darker colors, with Abyss Blue Pearl, Magnetite Gray Metallic, and Crystal Black Silica being the most popular color choices. However, the Wilderness Green Metallic and Autumn Orange Metallic were quite popular when they were introduced as limited edition colors. It shows that Subaru Outback enthusiasts are not afraid to experiment with bolder color choices.

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