How to Level Out Your Subaru Outback for Sleeping

If you’re planning a camping trip or road trip in your Subaru Outback, you may be wondering how to level out the car for a comfortable sleeping experience. A level surface is crucial for a good night’s sleep, but with the sloping back of the Outback, achieving that level surface can be a challenge. But don’t worry, there are several ways to level out your Subaru Outback for sleeping, and we’ll cover them all in this guide.

Key Takeaways

  • A level surface is important for a good night’s sleep in your Subaru Outback
  • There are several methods to level out your Outback, including using leveling blocks, inflatable mattresses, or DIY platforms
  • Making the most of the space in your Subaru Outback is key to a comfortable sleeping experience

Methods for Leveling Out Your Subaru Outback

Use Leveling Blocks

Leveling blocks are a simple and effective way to level out your Subaru Outback. These blocks come in different sizes and shapes and can be stacked on top of each other to create a stable surface for your sleeping area. The blocks are usually made of plastic, making them lightweight and easy to carry.

To use leveling blocks, park your Outback on a level surface, then place the blocks in front of the rear wheels. Slowly drive the back wheels onto the blocks until the car is level. You can then place a sleeping pad or mattress on top of the blocks to create a comfortable sleeping surface.

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Use an Inflatable Mattress

Another option for leveling out your Subaru Outback is to use an inflatable mattress. This method is particularly useful if you have limited storage space in your car, as the mattress can be deflated and packed away when not in use.

To use an inflatable mattress, first, park your Outback on a level surface. Then, inflate the mattress to a comfortable height and place it in the back of the car. You can adjust the position of the mattress to ensure it is level, then add bedding and pillows to create a cozy sleeping area.

DIY Sleeping Platform

If you’re feeling handy, you can also make your own sleeping platform for your Subaru Outback. This method requires some woodworking skills and tools, but it can be a fun and rewarding project to complete.

To make a DIY sleeping platform, first, measure the dimensions of your Outback’s rear cargo area. Then, design a platform that will fit snugly in the space and provide a level surface for sleeping. You can use plywood, 2x4s, and other materials to construct the platform, then add a sleeping pad or mattress for comfort.

Making the Most of Your Space

No matter which method you choose to level out your Subaru Outback for sleeping, making the most of the available space is key to a comfortable sleeping experience. Here are some tips for optimizing your sleeping area:

  • Use storage bins or drawers to keep your gear organized and out of the way.
  • Install a cargo net or bungee cords to secure loose items and prevent them from rolling around while you sleep.
  • Use a roof rack or cargo carrier to store larger items, such as bikes or kayaks, outside of the car.
  • Invest in a good quality sleeping bag and pillow to ensure a restful night’s sleep.
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With these methods and tips, you’ll be able to level out your Subaru Outback for a comfortable sleeping experience on your next camping or road trip. Whether you choose to use leveling blocks, an inflatable mattress, or a DIY sleeping platform, be sure to make the most of the available space and stay organized for a stress-free and restful trip.


Can I sleep in my Subaru Outback with the seats folded down?

Yes, you can sleep in your Outback with the seats folded down to create a flat surface. However, the slope of the rear cargo area may still make it challenging to achieve a level sleeping surface.

What is the best type of mattress to use for sleeping in my Outback?

This depends on personal preference, but many people find that a camping pad or air mattress provides the best combination of comfort and portability.

Can I install a permanent sleeping platform in my Outback?

Yes, you can install a permanent sleeping platform in your Outback, but it will require some modification to the car’s interior. Be sure to research the process thoroughly and consider the impact on the resale value of your car.

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