10 Must-Try Modifications for a Faster Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback owners who are looking to increase their vehicle’s performance can benefit from modifications that enhance the horsepower and torque of their engine. If you’re a car enthusiast who wants to work on your car and understand the mechanics of it, this article is for you. In this article, we will dive into 10 modifications that will make your Subaru Outback faster and more powerful.

1. Air Intake System

Upgrading your air intake system is a great way to increase your Subaru Outback’s performance. An aftermarket cold air intake system allows for greater air flow to the engine and improves the throttle response. It also enhances the engine’s sound and performance. A new air intake system not only helps with power but also with fuel economy.

2. Exhaust System

Upgrading the exhaust system is another modification that can increase performance. A performance exhaust system typically has larger pipes and tuned mufflers to increase the flow of exhaust gases and improve engine sound.

3. Engine Management System

Modifying the engine management system can also add horsepower and torque to your vehicle. An upgraded engine management system such as an ECU (Engine Control Unit) or tune can modify the fuel and ignition maps, providing better performance and can even adjust the air-fuel mixture. This modification requires some advanced knowledge and skills and it is recommended to have it installed by a professional.

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4. Suspension Upgrades

Suspension upgrades are important for improved handling and can reduce body roll during cornering. Upgrading the shocks and struts as well as the sway bars will improve handling capabilities. This modification will improve both performance and aesthetics, giving your Outback a more aggressive stance.

5. Brake Upgrades

One of the most essential upgrades for improved performance is upgrading the brakes. The upgraded brakes are typically larger in size and provide greater stopping power. This improvement is critical when acceleration is improved, as it is important to have just as much stopping power.

6. Lightweight Wheels

Lighter wheels can be a great way to shave off some weight off your Subaru Outback, resulting in a better power-to-weight ratio. The reduction in weight will not only make the vehicle faster, but it will also make it more responsive, increasing the agility and overall performance.

7. Turbo Upgrade

If your Subaru Outback is equipped with a turbo, upgrading it can increase horsepower and torque significantly. A larger turbocharger can push more compressed air into the engine, resulting in more power. However, upgrading the turbo is an advanced modification that may require additional modifications to the engine, fuel system, and exhaust.

8. Intake and Exhaust Headers

Upgrading the intake manifold and exhaust headers can provide a significant increase in power. This modification allows for more air to flow into the engine, while the headers help to reduce exhaust backpressure, improving the engine’s efficiency and power.

9. Performance Clutch

A performance clutch can handle the additional power from the engine and allows for smoother shifts. Upgrading to a performance clutch can also improve the clutch’s durability and reliability.

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10. Nitrous Oxide Injection

Nitrous Oxide (NOS) injection is an advanced modification that can provide a significant boost in power. Nitrous oxide is a high-performance oxidizer that is injected into the engine to increase the amount of oxygen available for combustion. Nitrous oxide injection is a dangerous modification that requires extensive knowledge and experience, making it a last resort for those who want to achieve extreme power levels.


Subaru Outback owners can increase their vehicle’s performance by upgrading the air intake system, exhaust system, engine management system, suspension, brakes, wheels, and turbo. In addition, upgrading the intake and exhaust headers, clutch, and installing Nitrous oxide injection are advanced modifications for experienced car enthusiasts. These modifications can enhance the power and torque of your Subaru Outback, giving you a car that is both faster and more powerful.


Q: Are there any drawbacks to upgrading the performance of your Subaru Outback?

A: Upgrading your Subaru Outback’s performance can have drawbacks, including decreased fuel economy and additional wear and tear on the engine. Additionally, some modifications may require additional maintenance and repairs.

Q: Can I install these modifications myself?

A: Some modifications, such as an aftermarket air intake or performance exhaust, can be installed easily by an experienced DIYer. However, other modifications, such as engine management systems and turbo upgrades, require advanced knowledge, skills, and specialized tools, making it recommended to have a professional install them.

Q: Will these modifications void my warranty?

A: It is possible that certain modifications may void your warranty. It’s best to check with your dealer or automaker before making any modifications that could affect your warranty.

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Q: Are these modifications street legal?

A: Some modifications, such as nitrous oxide injection, may not be street legal. It’s important to research and understand the local and state laws on vehicle modifications.

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