Upgrade Your 2017 Subaru Legacy Limited with 17 Inch Rims: What You Need to Know About Fitment and Compatibility

Are you a Subaru Legacy Limited owner considering upgrading to larger rims? Upgrading to 17 inch rims can not only enhance your vehicle’s appearance but also its performance. In this article, we’ll explore whether 17 inch rims will fit your 2017 Subaru Legacy Limited and provide some recommendations for specific models that are compatible.

Understanding Wheel Fitment and Compatibility

Before we dive into whether 17 inch rims will fit your 2017 Subaru Legacy Limited, let’s first discuss the concept of wheel fitment and compatibility. The term "fitment" refers to whether a wheel will physically fit on your vehicle. Specific factors such as bolt pattern, offset, and diameter determine a wheel’s fitment.

  • Bolt Pattern: The bolt pattern is the number of bolts on the wheel and the distance between them. This is critical in determining whether a wheel will fit on your vehicle’s hub.

  • Offset: The offset is the distance between the wheel’s hub mounting surface and its centerline. If the wheel’s offset is too high or too low, it can cause clearance issues.

  • Diameter: The diameter of the wheel refers to the distance between one end of the wheel to the other end, including the metal. Diameter is crucial to ensure the wheel fits properly with your tires.

2017 Subaru Legacy Limited Wheel and Tire Specifications

Now that we’ve covered the basics of wheel fitment and compatibility let’s take a look at the wheel and tire specifications of the 2017 Subaru Legacy Limited. This model comes standard with 18 inch rims and 225/50R18 tires.

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So, will 17 inch rims fit on this vehicle? The answer is yes! As long as the 17 inch rims you choose have a bolt pattern of 5×114.3, an offset of around +55, and a diameter of at least 17 inches, they should fit perfectly fine on your 2017 Subaru Legacy Limited.

Performance and Handling Impact

One question that often arises when upgrading to larger rims is whether the performance and handling of the vehicle will be affected. Fortunately, upgrading to 17 inch rims should not have any negative impact on your vehicle’s handling or performance as long as you choose the correct rim and tire size. A possible downside, however, is that the reduction in tire sidewall height shortens the distance between the edge of the rim and the road, making the rims more vulnerable to damage from potholes or curbs.

Recommended 17 Inch Rims

Now that you know a bit more about whether 17 inch rims will fit on your 2017 Subaru Legacy Limited, let’s take a look at some recommended models.

  • Enkei RPF1: These rims have a 17 inch diameter, 5×114.3 bolt pattern, and a +45 offset. They are lightweight and high-strength, making them a popular choice among car enthusiasts.

  • Konig Hypergram: These rims also have a 17 inch diameter, 5×114.3 bolt pattern, and a +40 offset. They feature a sleek and simple design, with several color options available.

  • TSW Valencia: With a 17 inch diameter, 5×114.3 bolt pattern, and +42 offset, these rims are a great choice if you want a classic look. They also have a durable finish to withstand harsh weather conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is the difference between 17 inch and 18 inch rims?

The difference is mainly in the size of the rim and the tire size that fits. 18 inch rims are slightly larger than 17 inch rims.

  1. Can I install the rims myself or do I need to take it to a professional?

It’s highly recommended to have a professional install new rims and tires to ensure proper fitment and safety.

  1. Will upgrading to 17 inch rims void my vehicle’s warranty?

No, upgrading to 17 inch rims should not void your vehicle’s warranty as long as the rims are correctly installed, and the tire size doesn’t alter the speedometer accuracy by more than 5%.


In conclusion, upgrading to 17 inch rims on your 2017 Subaru Legacy Limited is a great way to enhance both the appearance and performance of your vehicle. Ensure that you select the right fit and model, and you’re good to go!

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