The Evolution of the Subaru Forester Font: From Its Origin to Its Significance to the Subaru Brand

When we think of cars, we often think of the logo that adorns the front grille or the back of the vehicle, and the font used in the logo can play a significant role in establishing the brand’s identity. The same is true for Subaru, an automobile brand that has gained a reputation worldwide for its reliability and all-wheel drive capabilities. One of the key elements of the Subaru brand is the iconic font used in its logo, specifically in the "Forester" model. In this article, we will delve into the history and significance of the Subaru Forester font, and why it has become an essential component to the brand’s identity.

What Does the Subaru Forester Font Look Like?

The font used in the Subaru Forester logo is a highly stylized interpretation of the letterforms that make up the word. The letters have a dynamic and fluid appearance, with a mix of rounded and angular shapes that create a sense of motion. The typeface is sans-serif, which means that the letters do not have any serifs or small lines attached to the end of the strokes. The font is in all capitals, to create a strong and bold visual impact that can be seen from a distance.

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Where and Why Is It Used?

The Subaru Forester font is used mainly on the back of the vehicle, where the model name is displayed. Additionally, it is used in various marketing materials, including brochures, online ads, and social media posts. The font is employed as a way to reinforce the brand’s identity, and also to ensure consistency in its communication across different channels.

The font’s design is intended to evoke a sense of ruggedness and adventure, which resonates with the Subaru brand values. The brand is often associated with outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, and skiing, and the font conveys that essence by using a modern, dynamic, and bold typography. The Subaru Forester font has become a signature element of the brand’s visual identity, and its use has expanded beyond the Forester model to other models like the Outback and Ascent.

History of the Subaru Forester Font

The history of the Subaru Forester font goes back to the early days of the brand, when it was established in 1953. Over the years, the font has undergone various changes and adaptations, reflecting the evolution of the Subaru brand and the automotive industry as a whole. In the early years, the logo featured a "Fuji Heavy Industries" wordmark, which was replaced in the 1960s with the "Subaru" emblem.

The original Subaru wordmark used a sans-serif font that was simple and straightforward. In the 1970s, a new version of the font was introduced, which featured a more iconic style that emphasized the brand’s identity. It was slightly condensed, bold, and had a flat base that connected the letters while keeping them distinct from each other. The font was modern and forward-looking, which aligned with the brand’s vision for innovation and engineering excellence.

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With the introduction of the Forester model in 1997, the Subaru Forester font was created. The initial version of the font was more conservative, with a slightly condensed sans-serif typeface that paired well with the clean, sleek design of the vehicle. Over time, however, the font underwent several updates and redesigns, introducing more dynamism and movement into the letterforms.

FAQ about the Subaru Forester Font

What font is used in the Subaru logo?

The font used in the Subaru logo is a modified version of the font called "Futura Bold". However, the Subaru Forester font has a unique design and is not part of the Futura family of typefaces.

Can I download the Subaru Forester font?

Unfortunately, the Subaru Forester font is not available for download, as it is a proprietary typeface owned by the Subaru brand.

Who designed the Subaru Forester font?

The designer of the Subaru Forester font is unknown, but it is likely that it was created by an in-house design team at Subaru or by a branding agency that worked with the Japanese automaker.

How has the Subaru Forester font evolved over time?

The Subaru Forester font has gone through several updates and redesigns since it was first introduced in 1997. The changes in the font design have reflected the evolution of the Subaru brand and its values, from a more conservative approach to a more dynamic and fluid style that reflects the brand’s ruggedness and adventure spirit.


The Subaru Forester font may seem like a trivial element in the brand’s identity, but it serves a crucial role in conveying the values and personality of the brand. By evolving over time, the font has continued to reinforce the Subaru brand’s innovative and adventurous identity, while retaining its distinctive and recognizable appeal. The font has become an essential component to the brand’s communication strategy across various channels, and a hallmark of its commitment to excellence in design and engineering.

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