Subaru Forester: Do You Have Power Folding Mirrors?

If you are considering purchasing or currently own a Subaru Forester, you may be wondering if this model offers power folding mirrors. Car enthusiasts and individuals who value functionality and convenience in their vehicle often seek out features like power folding mirrors. In this article, we will explore whether or not the Subaru Forester has power folding mirrors, how they work, the benefits of having them, and any potential drawbacks or limitations.

Do Subaru Foresters Have Power Folding Mirrors?

Yes, Subaru Foresters do have power folding mirrors. This feature is available in most trims of the Forester, starting from the Limited trim. This means that if you want power folding mirrors, you may need to opt for one of the higher trim levels.

How Do Power Folding Mirrors Work?

Power folding mirrors are special types of car mirrors that fold inwards at the touch of a button or when the car is locked. They are designed to be more streamlined and compact, making it easier to maneuver your car in tight spaces. This is especially helpful for those who frequently park on busy streets or have a small garage.

The power folding mirrors on the Subaru Forester can be controlled with a button located on the driver’s side door panel. When you press the button, the mirrors will fold inwards or outwards. It’s important to note that the power folding mirrors also have a manual override feature in case the electronic control malfunctions.

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What Are the Benefits of Having Power Folding Mirrors?

There are several benefits to having power folding mirrors in your car, including:

  • Convenience: Power folding mirrors make it easier to park your car in tight spaces, as well as navigate through areas with narrow passages.
  • Reduced Damage Risk: By folding inwards, power folding mirrors reduce the risk of damage from other cars, bicycles, or other objects on the road.
  • Aesthetics: Power folding mirrors make the car’s exterior look sleeker and more streamlined, giving it a more modern look.

Are There Any Drawbacks or Limitations to Power Folding Mirrors?

While power folding mirrors have many advantages, they do have some potential drawbacks and limitations to consider:

  • Cost: Power folding mirrors are an optional feature that may come at an additional cost. The higher trim levels of the Forester that offer this feature may be more expensive compared to the base models.
  • Repairs: In case of a malfunction, power folding mirrors may be more expensive to repair than traditional manual mirrors.
  • Complexity: As with any electronic device, power folding mirrors may be vulnerable to malfunctions due to their complex mechanisms.

Optional Features for Power Folding Mirrors on the Subaru Forester

While power folding mirrors are already a convenient and helpful feature, there are some optional features that can further improve their functionality. One such feature is the memory function, which allows you to save your preferred mirror position and recall it at the touch of a button. This can be helpful if multiple drivers use the same car, or if you frequently switch between driving positions.

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The Subaru Forester is a popular car among car enthusiasts and individuals who prioritize practicality. With power folding mirrors, the Forester offers an additional convenience that can make driving and parking easier. However, it’s important to keep in mind their potential drawbacks and limitations.

If you are considering purchasing a Subaru Forester, it’s worth weighing the pros and cons of power folding mirrors to decide whether they are a must-have feature for you. And if you already have a Forester with power folding mirrors, hopefully, this article has provided you with some helpful information on how to make the most out of this feature.

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