ISO in Subaru Forester: The Ultimate Safety Feature Explained

Subaru Forester is known for its all-wheel drive technology, advanced safety features, and spacious interior. One of the key features that makes it stand out is the ISO function. If you are a new owner or potential buyer, you might be wondering what ISO means and how it can benefit you. In this article, we will explain all you need to know about the ISO function in Subaru Forester.

What is ISO in Subaru Forester?

ISO stands for Intelligent Speed Assist, which is a driver assist technology that makes use of the car’s front-facing camera and GPS to detect and read speed limit signs. The information is then relayed to the driver through the car’s display screen, helping them to maintain a safe driving speed and avoid speeding tickets.

The ISO function is usually part of Subaru’s EyeSight® Driver Assist Technology, which is a suite of safety features that include pre-collision braking, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control.

How does ISO work?

ISO works by recognizing speed limit signs along the road using a front-facing camera installed in the Forester. When a speed limit sign is detected, the information is matched with GPS data to determine the exact location of the vehicle. If the vehicle is within the posted speed limit, the driver is notified with a green icon, while a red icon appears if the vehicle is speeding.

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Benefits of ISO

ISO has many advantages, including:

  • Reducing the risk of accidents: By keeping you within the speed limit, ISO reduces the risk of accidents caused by speeding.
  • Avoiding speeding tickets: ISO alerts the driver when they are exceeding the speed limit, reducing the chances of getting a ticket.
  • Enhancing the driver’s focus: ISO eliminates the need for constantly checking the speedometer, allowing the driver to concentrate on the road ahead.

Using ISO effectively

To use ISO effectively, it is important to:

  • Enable the feature in the car’s settings if it is not already on
  • Check the display screen regularly to stay informed of the current speed limit
  • Use the ISO function in combination with other safety features such as adaptive cruise control and pre-collision braking
  • Remember that ISO is a guide and does not replace the driver’s responsibility to stay alert and obey traffic rules.

Real-life examples of ISO benefits

ISO has proven to be an invaluable feature in several real-life scenarios. For instance:

  • A young driver in Michigan avoided a speeding ticket thanks to the ISO feature, which alerted him when he was driving over the speed limit.
  • In Sweden, where ISO has been mandatory in new cars since 2020, there has been a significant reduction in speeding-related accidents and deaths.


Does ISO work in all weather conditions?

Yes, ISO is designed to work in all weather and lighting conditions.

Is it possible to disable ISO?

Yes, the driver can turn off the ISO function if they wish to.

Can ISO work outside the United States?

Yes, ISO uses GPS to determine the vehicle’s location and adjust to the relevant speed limit, even when driving abroad.

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Is ISO included in all Subaru Forester models?

ISO is usually included in most Subaru Forester models as part of the EyeSight® Driver Assist Technology package.


In conclusion, ISO is an intelligent speed assist feature that enables you to maintain a safe driving speed and avoid speeding tickets. Subaru Forester’s ISO function is part of the EyeSight® Driver Assist Technology package, which also includes other safety features. By using the ISO function effectively, you can enhance your driving experience and reduce the risk of accidents caused by speeding.

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