How to Locate and Check the Fuse Box in Your Subaru Crosstrek – The Ultimate Guide!

If you’re experiencing issues with your Subaru Crosstrek’s electrical system, the first thing you’ll want to check is the fuse box. A malfunctioning fuse or a blown fuse can cause many problems with your car’s electrical system, such as a non-working horn, a dysfunctional radio, or even brake light failure. Therefore, it’s essential to locate and check the fuse box to identify any potential issues and fix them before they become critical.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about locating and checking the fuse box in your Subaru Crosstrek. Whether you’re a tech-savvy DIY enthusiast or a car owner with a basic knowledge of car mechanics, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

What is a Fuse Box?

Before we dive into locating and checking the fuse box in your Subaru Crosstrek, it’s essential to understand what a fuse box is and what role it plays in your car’s electrical system. A fuse box is a container that houses the fuses that protect your car’s electrical system from electrical overload or short circuits. When an electrical component in your car malfunctions, such as a signal light, the fuse for that component will blow to prevent further electrical damage.

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Why is it essential to locate the Crosstrek’s fuse box?

The Crosstrek’s fuse box is located in an accessible location that car owners can find without too much hassle. Knowing where the fuse box is located is essential because it facilitates easy access to the fuses, making it easier to check them and replace them if necessary. If you experience any electrical issues with your Crosstrek, checking the fuse box should always be your first step in identifying the problem.

Where is the Crosstrek’s fuse box located?

The Crosstrek’s fuse box is located under the dashboard on the driver’s side. You’ll need to open the driver’s side door and kneel down to see it. The fuse box is covered by a panel that you can remove by pulling it towards you.

Locating the Crosstrek’s Fuse Box – A Step-by-Step Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to locate the Crosstrek’s fuse box:

  1. Park your Crosstrek and turn off the ignition.
  2. Open the driver’s side door and kneel down to see the dash panel.
  3. Locate the fuse box panel, which is on the left side of the dashboard.
  4. Remove the panel by pulling it towards you.
  5. Identify the fuse of the component that is malfunctioning by looking at the diagram on the back of the fuse-box cover.

Checking the Crosstrek’s Fuses – A Step-by-Step Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to check the Crosstrek’s fuses:

  1. Once the fuse box is open, locate the fuse of the electrical component that is malfunctioning.
  2. Using a fuse-pulling tool or tweezers, gently pull out the suspect fuse from its slot.
  3. Inspect the fuse to see if it is blown – the metal filament in the fuse will be broken if the fuse has blown.
  4. If the fuse has blown, replace it with a new one of the same amperage rating.
  5. If the fuse is not blown, put it back into its slot and check other fuses that may be related to the malfunctioning component.
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Common Issues with the Crosstrek’s Fuse Box

While the Crosstrek’s fuse box is generally reliable, certain issues may arise that can cause electrical problems in the car. Some common issues with the Crosstrek’s fuse box include:

  • Corrosion: Over time, the metal contacts inside the fuse box can corrode, causing poor connections and electrical problems.
  • Blown Fuses: As we mentioned earlier, blown fuses are the most common cause of electrical problems.

Troubleshooting the Crosstrek’s Electrical System

If you’ve checked the Crosstrek’s fuses and replaced any blown ones, but the problem persists, you may need to troubleshoot the car’s electrical system further. In such cases, it’s advised to take your Crosstrek to a professional mechanic who specializes in electrical system diagnostics.


Is checking the Crosstrek’s fuse box hard?

Checking the Crosstrek’s fuse box is easy and can be done yourself. No technical expertise is required, and you only need basic tools, such as tweezers and new fuses.

How often should I check my Crosstrek’s fuse box?

It’s good practice to check your Crosstrek’s fuse box every six months to ensure that all fuses are functioning correctly.

What is the cost of replacing a blown fuse in a Crosstrek?

Replacing a blown fuse won’t take long, and the cost of a new one is minimal. A blown fuse typically costs around $5-$10.


The Crosstrek’s fuse box is an essential component of the car’s electrical system, and it’s crucial to know where it’s located and how to check it. With the above guide, you should be able to locate, open, and check your Crosstrek’s fuse box in no time. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that if the issue persists, it’s always better to consult an expert mechanic who specializes in electrical systems to avoid causing further damage to your car.

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