Are Subaru Crosstrek Lights Strong Enough for Your Adventure?

When buying a car, there are several factors to consider, including its strength and safety features. These factors become even more crucial when you’re an adventure enthusiast who enjoys road trips and outdoor activities. In this article, we’ll explore all aspects of the Subaru Crosstrek’s headlights to determine if they’re strong enough for your adventure.

Introduction to the Subaru Crosstrek

The Subaru Crosstrek is a subcompact crossover SUV that’s been in production since 2012. It’s designed for drivers who love rugged terrain and outdoor adventures, making it a popular choice among young audiences in the US. The model’s popularity is owes much to its ability to handle different terrains, including snow, off-road trails, and highways.

Types of Headlights

The Subaru Crosstrek comes with two types of headlights that include halogen and LED headlights. Halogen headlights are the traditional type, while LED headlights are the modern and energy-efficient choice.

LED vs. Halogen Headlights

LED headlights are brighter and use less energy compared to halogen headlights. In the Subaru Crosstrek, LED headlights come as standard in the upper trims, while the lower trims have halogen headlights.

While halogen headlights are still an acceptable choice, LED headlights are the better option because they provide better illumination. They’re particularly useful for off-road trails and roads with low lighting. They also last longer than halogen headlights, making them a cost-saving option in the long run.

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Lumens Brightness

Lumens measure the brightness of a headlight, with a higher number indicating a brighter light. The Subaru Crosstrek’s LED headlights have a lumen rating of around 1100 while the halogen headlights have a lumen rating of around 900.

A lumen rating of 1100 is excellent and provides superior illumination on darker roads. This makes the Subaru Crosstrek an excellent choice for night driving and dark off-road trails compared to the halogen headlights with a dimmer light.

Driving Modes

The Subaru Crosstrek comes with two primary driving modes for headlights: High-beam and Low-beam.

High-beam Headlights

High-beam headlights provide maximum brightness and are useful for long-distance driving, especially in low lighting. However, they shouldn’t be used when other cars are on the road as they can be blinding to the drivers in the other vehicles.

Low-beam Headlights

Low-beam headlights provide a dimmer light compared to high-beam headlights. They’re the preferred driving mode for everyday driving, as they provide enough illumination without being overly bright.

Headlight Safety Features

The Subaru Crosstrek comes with several safety features that enhance its headlights’ performance, including:

Automatic Headlights

This feature automatically turns on the headlights when it senses low lighting. This is useful for drivers who forget to turn on the headlights manually.

Fog lights

Fog lights provide additional illumination on cloudy days or when driving through fog. They’re more effective than regular headlights in these conditions.

Subaru Crosstrek Headlight Comparison

Compared to other cars in the subcompact crossover SUV segment, the Subaru Crosstrek’s headlights are impressive. The LED headlights provide superior illumination, brighter lumen, and more energy efficiency than halogen headlights. The automatic headlights and fog lights are also useful for enhancing visibility and safety when driving.

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However, one of the drawbacks of the Subaru Crosstrek headlights is the absence of adaptive headlights, which can adjust to different light and driving conditions.


Q: Are the Subaru Crosstrek headlights suitable for off-road trails?

A: Yes, The Crosstrek’s LED headlights provide superior illumination, making them an excellent choice for off-road driving.

Q: Is it better to have LED or Halogen headlights in the Subaru Crosstrek?

A: LED headlights are better as they provide brighter illumination, are more energy-efficient, and last longer than halogen headlights.

Q: Are Subaru Crosstrek headlights expensive to maintain?

A: No, the maintenance of the Crosstrek headlights is relatively affordable, with low energy consumption and fewer bulb replacements.


The Subaru Crosstrek has strong headlights that provide excellent visibility and safety on the road. LED lights have higher lumen counts compared to halogen lights, making them the better choice. Additionally, the Subaru Crosstrek has other lighting features like automatic headlights and fog lights, making them a versatile car that can enhance visibility in different driving conditions.

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