How to Open the Hood of Your Subaru Ascent: The Ultimate Guide for Safe and Easy Access

If you’re a new owner of a Subaru Ascent, or you simply haven’t had the need to open the hood before, locating the hood release lever and navigating the process of opening the hood might seem like a daunting task. Fear not! This step-by-step guide will break down exactly what you need to do to safely and easily access the engine compartment of your Subaru Ascent.

Locate the Hood Release Lever

The first step to opening the hood of your Subaru Ascent is to locate the hood release lever. This lever is typically located on the left side of the driver’s seat, beneath the dashboard. It may be hidden behind a panel or cover, so take a moment to inspect the area and locate it before proceeding.

Release the Hood

Once you have located the hood release lever, pull it gently towards you. You should feel a slight resistance as the lever disengages the hood latch. Once you feel this resistance, pull the lever all the way towards you until you hear a click. This click indicates that the hood latch has been fully disengaged.

Prop Open the Hood

After the hood latch has been disengaged, you’ll need to prop open the hood to reveal the engine compartment. Locate the hood safety latch, which is typically located at the front of the hood, and raise it upwards. With the hood safety latch lifted, use your hand to lift the hood and prop it open. Be sure to use the hood support rod (located near the front of the engine compartment) to securely prop open the hood.

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Safely Close the Hood

After you’ve finished your inspection or maintenance on the engine compartment, it’s important to close the hood safely and properly. To close the hood, grab the hood and lift it slightly. With your other hand, release the hood support rod and gently lower the hood until it’s several inches above the latch. Drop the hood from this height, and it will securely latch in place. Finally, give the hood a firm push to ensure it’s fully closed.


Q: Is it safe to prop open the hood with a stick or other makeshift device?
A: No, using anything other than the hood support rod to prop open the hood can be dangerous and cause serious injury. Always use the hood support rod.

Q: Is it necessary to close the hood from a certain height?
A: Yes, dropping the hood a few inches above the latch ensures that it fully engages and latches properly.

Q: How often should I open my Subaru Ascent’s hood for regular maintenance?
A: It’s recommended to inspect your vehicle under the hood at least once a month to ensure everything is functioning properly. Additionally, it’s important to regularly check fluid levels, replace filters and fluid as needed, and perform other routine maintenance tasks.

In conclusion, opening the hood of your Subaru Ascent doesn’t have to be a complicated process. By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to safely and easily access your engine compartment and perform any necessary maintenance. Remember, always use the hood support rod to prop open the hood and drop it from a few inches above the latch to securely close it. Happy exploring!

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