Mogu mushrooms

Pleasant View Farm houses several other companies on the farm including Mogu Mushrooms and Marshall's Greenhouses. Once in a while we have a residential apartment for rent.

Mogu Mushrooms has egg laying, livestock, and mushroom cultivation. There is also seasonally: Horticultural flowers, honey, maple syrup, and vegetables.

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    Mogu Mushrooms' happy hens are free range and love to lay eggs everyday. We raise them on Organic feed. They also naturally eat vegetation as they roam.

    For more information about this product, please email us.

    Your eggs will be available the next day labelled with your name in a refrigerator located at our farm stand.
    The farm stand is securely located across the street at:
    491 North Salem rd
    Southeast, NY 10509

    We use PayPal for merchant services. You can also pay when you pick up via cash. Discounts are often available at the farm stand.
    1 Dozen Chicken eggs is $4.00.
    Chicken Eggs
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    Mogu Mushrooms grows wood-borne mushrooms. The process to grow our mushrooms is very labor intensive. It takes us 6 months from start to finish to make them. They must be ordered in advance. Please email us to inquire.

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    Mogu Mushrooms has several breeding operations on the farm. Our animals are part of our family and they keep us wanting to come back to the farm everyday.
    Please email us if you are interested in purchasing: cattle, goats, or chickens.

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    Pleasant View Farm houses 2 growing operations. Mogu Mushrooms and Marshall's Greenhouses. Items are seasonal. You can email for more information.

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    Pleasant View Farm has several residential apartments on the facility. Availability is hit or miss, and more likely the latter, but you are welcome to email us to inquire.